Friday, April 11, 2008

Me Geek Pretty TODAY!

At long last, Doctor Popular has favored the waiting masses with his latest masterpiece Me Geek Pretty One Day.

In Doc’s own words:
Me Geek Pretty One Day is Drown Radio's debut solo album. 18 songs, 6 ringtones, album art and wallpapers, plus four bonus tracks. The album boasts a diverse mix of nerdy rapsongs, circuit bent melodies, funny skits, mouth harps, electropop, chiptune, and even a sexy r&b track. MGPOD is a 42 minute album, not including the 12 minutes of extras such as the 8bit bEtty remix of lolCats and a Twistin' Cherry Stems remix by Anticon's Bomarr.

And while I’ve previously expressed my adoration for the disc, let me elucidate:

Me Geek Pretty One Day isn’t your average nerdcore album. Nor is it your typical bitpop, electroclash, or micromusic release; it is a whole new animal as varied and complex as the man who crafted it. But rather than redefine what you think about Drown Radio, it skillfully chooses to refine it. To a razor point.

A masterful blend of re-imagined versions of older Drown Radio cuts such as “Happy Valium Meal” and “A Brave New Essay” (an updated take on Doc’s seminal “Essay on the Wheels of Steel”); contemporary classics like “Gygax” and “lolCats”; top shelf collaborations with nerdcore giants T-Byte, MC Router, and Baddd Spellah; and Doc’s own indubitable musical machinations – “Mouth Party” and “NerdSong” are just a couple of my favorites – Me Geek Pretty One Day is easy to recommend at any price. The fact that you can scoop it for a mere $8, though, makes it a must-buy of the highest order.

Resplendent with head-bobbing hip-hop, off-kilter R&B, and an almost indescribable marriage of indie pop and 8-bit, it combines all your favorite Drown Radio ingredients into a delicious new recipe. Then it offers up cell phone ringtones and wallpapers as an uber-geeky after dinner drink.

You no doubt know Doc Pop as a yo-yo genius without peer. You may likewise know him to be a crafter and visual artist who knows no creative bounds. If you take a listen to Me Geek Pretty One Day – and, again, I can’t recommend that you do so highly enough – you’ll also discover that he is a consummate musician with an undeniable ear for melody, a lyricist with a veritable armada of witticisms at the ready, and a nerdy songwriter with a sound that is varied but never haphazard.

Take that eight bucks your were gonna blow on two gallons of gas and pick up Me Geek Pretty One Day instead. It’s a much better value, and I guarantee that it will take you on a far more satisfying journey.


mc router said...

It's gonna rock.
Dop Pop FTW.

Hey if you want my new myspace it's:

music up within a week

Anthony said...

Plus 1,000 blogging points for using "indubitable"!!!

I just posted about this album today too. I know it's going to rock when I get a chance to finally sit down and give it a real good listening to. sadly I have been a bit too busy with the GM4A album excursions to give it a chance just yet. Can't wait to though, that is for SURE!

ben said...

Oh, how I wish I had a nice eight dollars and a nice credit card so I could purchase this song. I want to hear "Twistin' Cherry Stems" soooo badly. I guess I'll just have to wait for this one. Still, good luck to Doc. From what I've heard on his Myspace and from other people, this is one crazy album.

Z. said...

Why, Ms. Router! Long time no see. ;)

Oh yeah, Anthony, you’ll love it! Doc really covers all the bases here, so there’s something for everyone.

Hey, Ben, thanks for stoppin’ by. I’ll see what I can do about getting “Twistin’ Cherry Stems” up on my podcast soon so you can check it out. It’s a great track.