Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Big Bad World One

Despite the fact that our numbers pale in comparison to those of, say, Penny Arcade, I consider our intimate little group to be a community. Moreover, I consider the Hipster, please! populace to be uniquely eclectic. Sure, this blog has strong and undeniable roots in nerdcore hip-hop, but along the way we’ve managed to bring together various fans of VGM and WRock, electroclash and mash-ups, and a cast of freaks, geeks, lamers, and gamers the likes of which I can’t help but be proud of.

What I’m getting at is that we are, for better or worse, a meta-community. Much in the same way that any suitably downtrodden pariah can easily find a seat at the nerds’ table in your local high school’s cafeteria, we’ve somehow managed to attract folks from a number of disparate stratum to these meager digs. Because of this, I feel oddly indebted to those other, larger communities that have lent us their best and brightest or, failing that, their geekiest. And when the shit goes down, I like to think that HP readers will lend a hand to their fellow dorks.

I have very recently made the acquaintance of one ADeadHeart. In addition to being a parent, she is also a DJ at the “official unofficial” Kingdom of Loathing SHOUTcast station. Suffice it to say we tend to talk shop on both fronts.

Recently, the KoL community felt a great loss. A mother lost a child, in, perhaps, the grimmest way conceivable, and KoLers – and I can’t imagine that’s a crumulent word – have stepped in to help. While they certainly can’t mend all the emotional pain, they can help on a financial level, and that is exactly what they have set to do.

The Andrew Bailey Memorial Fundraiser is, in part, a silent auction to benefit Merrily Melson, known in KoL as Aces44. Items up for auction include, of course, various in-game and physical items from the warped world of Kingdom of Loathing, as well as such sundries as gamer art, jewelry, and signed CDs from Radio Free Hipster staples MC Frontalot and Schaffer the Darklord. Should you feel so led, check out the auction FAQ and get yourself up to speed on the bidding process. There’s some really great stuff available, and the money goes to an incredibly noble cause.

As the vast majority of you are crafters and musicians in your own rights, you also might consider donating some of your own wares. Sure, there is already a wealth of items available for bidding, but I know you guys; you always manage to bring something new and worthwhile to the table.

Lastly, if neither of the above is your thing, feel free to simply spread the word. Toss a link up in your favorite BBS, write a little post about the charity for your blog, or slap up a bulletin on MySpace. As Bob Geldof has already told us, sometimes it’s just as important to raise awareness as it is to raise money. Okay, maybe not as important, but it's important nonetheless.

At any rate, thanks for your time and attention. I appreciate it, ADH appreciates it, and you can be damned sure Aces44 appreciates it.

It’s a big bad world out there, and sometimes we all need a little support.


Drystan Knight said...

Amen to that brother. I'm not in a great state to be doing much giving..but Im happy to spread the word to my limited pool. What makes Nerds so great? we Know what it is like to be down, so we do what we can to lift others up.

Z. said...

Well said, DK! There always tends to be a lot of infighting and borderline bitchiness amongst nerds, but when the chips are down I too like to thing we can employ epic empathy.

Aces said...

I truly couldn't appreciate it more. Thank you so very much for taking the time to write about it here.
~Merrily / Aces44

ADeadHeart said...

Heya Z, been a bit wrapped up in stuff over here but I could not appreciate this more. To those of you who have donated, put stuff up for auction or just helped to spread the word - Thanks so much, ADH.

Z. said...

It’s the least I could do, Aces. All my best to you and yours during this most difficult time.

You’re very welcome, ADH. Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention.