Friday, April 04, 2008

Calling All Producers

Nearly six weeks after its initial release date, the new Hipster, please! compilation album Old Nerdy Bastard is still incomplete. Why? Simply put, the project is cursed! At some point in the past, I must have pissed off some gypsy, and the resulting hex has made it impossible for me to round up the final 1/3 of this project’s submissions. Those who have tried have fallen victim to hard drive crashes, scheduling woes, and boils. Okay, maybe not boils, but you get the picture.

With that in mind, I’m going to do the unthinkable; I am going to ask for open submissions. The reason I didn’t do this to being with is because, quite honestly, I hate telling people no. I don’t want anyone to get all worked up about contributing only to be told that the roster is already full, but this has proven a necessary evil. Not unlike the gypsy in the previous paragraph. It's a first-come, first-served affair. Hit me up and, if I've still got a slot open, we'll talk.

So, if you think you might be interested in taking a stab a remixing or mashing up one of the acappellas I have collected for the project – yes, I already have the source tracks picked out; if you don’t mind working under some fairly tight scheduling constraints; and if you don’t fear the supernatural, give me a yell. I can’t guarantee that this album is gonna be some huge hit and that everyone involved will be showered with accolades and tons of favorable press, but I can say that you’ll be taking part in a really cool project with some amazing contributors from across the nerdy music spectrum. I hope that’s enough.

While I’m adamant about including remixes of as many of the artists who were so kind as to share their vocal tracks with me as possible, I feel terrible about making those dozen DJs, producers, and remixers who worked their asses off to get me their submissions in a timely manner wait much longer before I share their phenomenal work. We need to light this candle and we need to light it soon.

So if you think you wanna dance, my card is open. Thanks for your time.


Anthony said...

Hard Drive crashes? Boils? Gypsie curses? Sir you have just described my collaboration album. I feel your pain brother. Good luck!

Z. said...

Thanks, Ant. I figured you could relate! :)

nYgel said...

Well, you know I could probably do something.

killsaly said...

Dont give up my slot, I swear you will have my track by this weeks end, I just need to do some amstering on the version I burned to cd before that fateful crash.

Glenn Case said...

If you like you can give me an assignment, and I will see what I can do.


Glenn Case

Z. said...

Thanks, nYg. I'll see what's available and get back to you.

Don't worry, ks, I'm not gonna write you off. :)

I really appreciate it, Glenn. I'll yell at you soon with a song list.