Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Nerd News in Brief

It’s April 1st, which means I should, by rights, be pranking the hell out of you right now. But, honestly, I’m just too tired. Crafting an elegant and reasonably believable lie is hard work, and I’m a man who’s not exactly getting enough sleep at present.

As consolation, take a gander at this April Fool’s Day on the Web site that Church turned me on to. Just pick your favorite gag from there and pretend that I made it up. Things are always more fun when you factor in self-delusion.
  • Oddly specific: To get me back in the swing of (hopefully) posting regularly again, here’s some nerd ink. Knuckle Tattoos features some tatts you know and some you may not.
  • Looks who’s one!: Congrats to my pal Jason of the ever-so scholarly blog Geek Studies. That site just celebrated its one year blogiversary, and, as an avid reader, I honestly can’t imagine an Interwebs without it.
  • Back and forth: Jason and fellow geeky blogger Matt are doing a little back and forth re: the nature of broader nerd culture. What’s more, it’s starting to pop up elsewhere. Suffice it to say there are ample opportunities for you to add your two cents.
  • Rise from your grave: Last week, mc chris leaked the cover for his new album mc chris is dead. It’s a subtle and humorous piece by comic artist David Mack of Kabuki fame, and you really should check it out.
  • Hawkeye + Ronin = Roneye: In other mc chris/comic book news, the rapper received a little fan service in New Avengers #39. Therein the hero formally known as Hawkeye can be seen wearing an mc chris t-shirt. How cool is that?
  • All aboard the Airbus: Recently, Optimus Rhyme drummer grimROCK was nice enough to point out that Lyricswiki is now housing OR lyrics. While he couldn’t attest to the accuracy of said entries, it’s better than nothing for those of us who desperately want to know what motor-mouth Wheelie Cyberman is saying! (EDIT: Lyricswiki is Rickrolling today, so beware.)
  • I’ve simply run out of puns: Whore Moans has released a new track over at his MySpace. Peep “Big Bad Moans,” produced by Apeman, and be amazed.
  • The Fu is Epic: Random just hipped the RT community to another great SXSW interview with interview with Negin and MC Frontalot. The segment starts around 3:40, and, while it’s pretty short, Front is nice enough to namedrop folks like Jesse Dangerously, YTCracker, MC Lars, and Ran himself.
  • Get me Barack: While neither musical nor overtly nerdy, my pal Church just posted a new vid that does lend veracity to Hillary’s latest claim. Feel the funny.


Church said...

Happy Cheap Trick Day!


Matt said...

Thanks for the links to our little discussion. I'd love to get some more voices going.

And Church, classic as always. Where did the voices come from?

Church said...

Thanks, Matt. That's all me.

Z. said...

Damn, Church, if I'd known that I totally would've taken the day off! Nice work on the vid BTW.

No prob, Matt. I'm trying to stay on top of the debate myself.