Monday, February 18, 2008

Nerd News in Brief

Some products are simply too effective. Example: Hori screen protectors.

I bought a pair of these suckers for my Crimson and Black DS Lite last October and they did the trick. A defective stylus ended up giving the protector some pretty good scrapes, but the touch screen stayed clear and safe.

Over the weekend I decided to swap out the old, damaged protector with a crisp, clean, shiny, new one, but it took a goddamn act of Congress to get it off. I literally had to pry the little fellow away from his prescribed duty.

Damn that traditional Japanese work ethic and general over-exuberance!
  • Lowercase “c”: I’d like to start today’s NNIB by congratulating my man High-C on his new arrival! Check out for the first images of young Gorlax Frontington Christie, AKA: Lil' High-C. And since we’re talking about High-C that could well be the child’s real name.
  • Old news you already know: Let me apologize for the glaring lack of the following during last week’s documentary rundown – The MC Frontalot doc Nerdcore Rising will be premiering at SXSW! Immediately after this March 9th premiere, Front and crew will be performing a set and the great Prince Paul will be spinning some records. Holy fucking shit!
  • Just Another Lazy Blogger: In other news that I should’ve mentioned, like, a week ago, Beefy will soon be launching a new weekly podcast. Beef mentioned this at the same time he revealed that he had acquired his first grown-up job. Unfortunately, his blog is dead at present, but trust me; I am not making this shit up. (Probably.)
  • "Shmoos haint make believe.": Last week, Dual Core unleashed hip-hop fury on the attendees of hacker conference ShmooCon. This marked the first time a nerdcore group played the con’s after-party, and, in the words of int eighty, “It was a lot of fun, and … we sold a metric ass-load of albums and even had an encore when the set for our show was over.” You can check out some pictures from the show at their MySpace.
  • Make music with your mouth: Another recent first is the real life, face-to-face collaboration of nerd music greats and two of my favorite cats in the whole world, Doctor Popular and Tanner4105. For those of you un-swayed by photographic evidence, I will direct your attention to this track. Rai willing, we’ll hear more soon.
  • London Calling: Euro nerds looking to get down and/or drunk in the company of likeminded individuals will be pleased with the announcement of Dork Party UK. March 8th through the 10th in Southampton – which is actually pretty far away from London, but I stand by my tagline – there will be “lots of booze” and also, presumably, some gaming. Interested parties should PM Category for details.
  • More from across the pond: UK alterna-folk Wizard Rocker Split Seven Ways has just released a new free-to-download EP entitled Slytherin Hearts featuring “8 tracks of Slytherin love and anti-love songs.” Download it and embrace the Dark Arts. Thanks to Matt for hipping me to this.
  • Not to be confused with Katie Holmes’s kid: Florida MC and comic book aficionado Sir-Up was recently front-paged at They identified him as “Suro” for some reason, but that’s definitely our boy Up.
  • Commence shilling: Game retailer Play Asia is currently celebrating the Chinese New Year with their annual sale. The Year of the Rat Lucky Sale boasts thousands of bargains at crazy-low prices, and purchases make you eligible to win free consoles, handhelds, and games. Sale prices are only good until the end of the month, so head on over and check stuff out.
  • Censored: To wrap things up, here’s a little vid that Doc turned me on to. The accompanying music is the Lemon Demon edit of that old Sesame Street classic “The Song of the Count.” If you laugh, you’re just as immature and easily amused as I am.

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