Thursday, February 21, 2008

This Just In

Genuine information surrounding Nerdapalooza ’08 has finally surfaced, the most compelling of which can be gleaned from the following image.

First and foremost, we can see that the event will occur over a two-day period this July at Taste Restaurant in the College Park area of Orlando. Furthermore, it’s impossible to miss the much-touted artist roster, which boasts not only a fine selection of local and regional artists (Select Start, Rocker Propelled Geeks, High-C, EPP, etc.) but also cats from the UK (Pixel8), NYC (Schaffer the DarkLord), the Mid-West (Dual Core and Whore Moans), and Cali (ZeaLouS1).

There are also a number of “blanks.” These are, as mCRT was nice enough to point out to me, probablys as opposed to unlikelys, and should be revealed as they are officially confirmed.

Further research indicates that tickets should go on sale in March pending price negotiations.

And with all that said, the only real question is how do I convince my wife to let me sneak away to FL for a long weekend with Random, YTCracker, and Former Fat Boys and leave her home alone with an infant and a toddler? Suggestions are encouraged and appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

STD messaged me about this. I'd love to be involved somehow since I live in the Orlando area. Could you let me know who to get in contact with?