Thursday, January 31, 2008

More Nerd News in Brief

Lost. Lost! LOST!

There are a lot of really exciting things going on around Hipster, please! at present, but all I can think about this morning is Lost.

The Season 3 closer featured flashforwards of Jack’s miserable post-island existence, but knowing where things are going has only served to make me more excited about the remainder of the show. Well played, J.J. Well played.

With Charlie and Mr. Eko gone, I’m hoping that my two other faves Sayid and Sawyer get some good facetime/plot twists. I’m also hoping that Locke didn’t kill Naomi; I’m not sure if I like what she's bringing to the show character-wise, but she sure is nice to look at!
  • It’s hard to pronounce: My pal Anthony and the other fine fellows at Game Music 4 All have officially announced their Super Mario RPG tribute compilation Heavy Troopa is Ready to Launch! There’s also plans for a nigh-incomprehensible B-side comp – that we’ll, of course, call Geno – that will accompany it. For a full rundown of the artists attached to the project, check out the GM4A forums, and be sure to Digg the story to help the boys out!
  • A guy like him: And while we’re on the subject of cool things you should support, let me hip the uninitiated to a little Web show called A Guy Like Me. It features the music (not to mention the acting debut) of my bro Glenn Case, and you should totally check it out. I mean, we get two hours of Lost tonight and then what? A whole bunch of network TV nothing.
  • Brutal compression = disdain: Matt recently called my attention to this post by Scary Go Round’s John Allison concerning xkcd’s Randall Munroe, and there’s been palpable tension in the air ever since. You see, Church and Matt are xkcd fans and I – though I do dig Randall’s humor – am solidly in the SGR camp. Our friendship has weathered worse (like that time I bought a Zune), so I imagine we’ll come through this intact. :)
  • Mister B sounds like The Streets: Category just posted a new track featuring Mister B and Dan Plus Add called “Things That Suck.” Thankfully, I did not make the list. It’s very chippy and incredibly English. You can check it at Cat’s MySpace.
  • Edutainment: Projekt Zero is once again calling for a little help in his pre-med studies. His Bio Album 2.0 project is currently accepting contributors over at Rhyme Torrents. PZ says, “For those who don't know, last year, I asked for some help memorizing a large amount of phylogeny for my General Biology course. This year, things are a bit more advanced, so the subject matter might be above people's heads. I'll do my best to explain what I can. Also, I do give all the material needed to rap up front, along with general instructions on how to use it.” So, if you’ve ever wanted to chance to rap about Cellular Biology and Vertebrate Zoology, this is it.
  • Still gaming: If you’re interested in learning about what Random is currently up to – and let’s face it, you are – then pop over to RT and check out a couple of previews of his American Gamer album. You get a chance to peep “Party Life” (backed with the music of Final Fantasy) and “Ignorant Sh*t/No Hook” (backed with Mega Man beats). Ran’s looking for feedback, so let the man know your thoughts.
  • The Oscar Wilde of this rap shit: Yesterday, Church directed me to this vid in which comedy rapper Bino White professes his love for nerdcore. He was nerdcore before there was nerdcore. Just like everyone else.
  • I’d dream of beats: I gotta give it up to Jesse Dangerously for pointing me (and everyone else from RT) to the Sara St. Onge directed video for Wordburglar’s “Cream of Wheat.” I’ve included it below for your viewing pleasure. I’m sweet like that.


Anthony said...

Thanks a ton for mentioning the compilation, i hope you also dug those sneak preview tracks I sent your way =]

antisoc said...

Bino White is pretty funny, but now I'm gonna have to write a song called "No, *I* was first!"

Church said...

Soc, I'm expecting it now...

8-bit Philharmonic said...

Hate to nitpick, but it's "Heavy Troopa is Ready to Launch!" (not Koopa)

Thanks for the mention on behalf of all us contributing musicians!

Z. said...

I definitely dug them, Ant. :)

Church is right, Soc; make it so!

Holy shit, 8BP, how did I miss that? /facepalm
Such is the danger of working without an editor. And you're very welcome for the bump.

Dan Plus Add said...

Cheers for posting Cat's new track, Z :) Good eh?

Just so you know, the link to my MySpace goes to


Z. said...

Damn, Dan, I must've been asleep when I was writing this one. ;)

Dan Plus Add said...

Well it is your second Nerd News in Brief in a week! Understandable!

funky49 said...

Your mailbox is full, dog.