Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Live from Black Mesa

I shared this with Matt and Church last week when it hit Joystiq, but it wasn’t until my pal Anthony mentioned it to me a couple of days ago that I actually considered passing it on to you. In retrospect, I can’t quite figure out why.

At any rate, since this one’s too good to wait until the next NNIB, I thought I’d spring it on you now.

The following audio is from a recent call-in to Coast to Coast AM in which a theoretical physicist named “Gordon” tells host and listeners about a mysterious government agent that seems to be following him. While this isn’t the first time someone’s given a voice to our usually silent Half-Life hero – Antisocial’s “Remember My Name” comes immediately to mind – it’s damn sure the funniest!


antisoc said...

This definitely hits my funny bone.

Z. said...

Yeah, it's nerd humor at its finest!