Monday, December 03, 2007

Nerd News in Brief

It’s funny how you can live somewhere for years and somehow totally miss things that must be dreadfully apparent to outsiders. I, for example, have lived in the rural south my entire life, but this weekend I noticed something quite strange.

I spent the bulk of my weekend attending a series of local Christmas parades. I don’t like parades, and neither does the wife, but Li’l X. loves anything involving large groups of wheeled vehicles, so we made our way around the parade circuit strictly for his benefit.

Finally, yesterday, at my third parade in two days, I was struck by an odd realization. The event in question took place in one of our more prominent small towns, and, as such, it had around 100 to 120 floats. (Not bad for such a hillbilly haven.) Yet I noticed a wicked asymmetry with regard to the themes of said floats. Sure, a lot of them belonged to local churches (mostly Baptist), several featured “prominent” regional businessmen and elected officials, and a portion preached the civic pride (and/or football prowess) of area public schools. But somewhere in the neighborhood of 60% of these floats seemed to feature some manner of beauty pageant winner: often times from oddly specific pageants.

I’m talking, like, “Little Miss Junior Greater Podunk Best Smile/Most Photogenic 7th Grade” specific.

Only in the south.
  • Calling all MCs: Church found this at the Wil Wheaton blog. Among other things, it contains 4 lines from a proposed Captain Picard rap. First, we need to lean on him to post the full lyrics. Secondly, one of you cats needs to record it. It's that simple.
  • Midwestern Music Extravaganza: Nerdcore producer extraordinaire nYgel recently mentioned that The Attic in Plainfield, Indiana will play host to a number of geeky acts on January 4th. At 6:00 PM, Former Fat Boys, General Philip Legacy, Id Obelus, Coinslot, and several other nerdy-friendly hip-hoppers/indie rockers will gladly rock your socks for an extremely reasonable price. For $8.00 you get to enjoy all this musical goodness, or you can pay $15.00 and both get into the show and score an all-night pass to Mission Control Gaming Center (who’ll be hosting various gaming contests). Thankfully, nYg will be there to tape the event for those of us unable to attend.
  • And sometimes Y: nYgel has also reminded me that his long anticipated mixtape Nature’s Outcast is slated for release tomorrow, December 4th. I’ve received a pre-release copy, and should be posting my thoughts on the disk shortly thereafter.
  • Cover me: Also on the new release front is a fully remastered version of Able-X’s cover album Cover Fire Vol. 1. I missed the album the first time around (as I’d recently collapsed from exhaustion after compiling HP’s own covers compilation), but I’ve not made the same mistake this time. Check it out and relive the glory days of 80’s synth-pop in the nerdiest manner possible.
  • VGM meets seasonal singles: If you’re in the market for a track that’s both game rock and uniquely appropriate for the holiday season, why not take a listen to The OneUps Christmas classic “Super Mario's Sleigh Ride” arrangement. When that fat Italian stereotype stuffs his Koopa-stompin’ ass down your chimney, you’ll be glad you did.
  • Poor Chozo: In less cheerful news, nerdcore MC and INFO2k8 mastermind Chozo Ninpo recently returned home to find his studio sacked and his recording equipment stolen. According to Chozo, local authorities “believe they know who did it, but were honest and said they probably couldn't prove it.” Here’s hoping your insurance company comes through for you, brother.
  • Back to the crunchy weirdness: The de facto queen of J-nerdcore, the incomparable Rai Kamishiro, has at long last established a presence on MySpace! She’s uploaded some demos from her new album (due late ’07 or early ’08) for fans to enjoy, and Matt also found this… um… interesting track linked from her LJ. I’d love to provide some context for this, but I simply can’t; I’m as in the dark as the rest of you. Juts chalk it up as another delightful oddity from Rai!
  • The gift that keeps on giving: mc chris just announced that his December 28th show at Jackrabbits in Jacksonville, FL will be free thanks to “the folks at Agency Group and Tim.” While the details are a bitch sketchy at present, mc promises that up to 300 fans can see the show free-of-charge. What a bargain!
  • All through Wayne Manor: And since we’re all entering the season of giving/perpetual shopping, we’ll wrap things up with a jewel that Church found called “Twas The Dark Knight Before Christmas.” Superhero angst and holiday cheer? Surely nothing can be more grand.


Able-X said...

w00t, thanks for the plug Z :)

Z. said...

No problem, Able. I'm particularly enjoying "One Night in Bangkok."

Matt S said...

Referencing our previous conversation. Rai is one spiked Bubble Tea away from being Nerdcore's answer to Sun Ra.

I think I may just accept her as my personal guru now and accept the inevitable.

Church said...

The Church of Mecha-Godzilla? Cool.

Matt said...

First Church of Technopolis!

Z. said...

You hear that, Rai? We're starting a religion in your honor. I'm afraid we're gonna need some inspired scriptures from you. I'd prefer that they be in English, but. y'know, it's your call. ;)

antisoc said...

mc wil wheaton? I'm game for that

Rai said...

Whaha~~ Church of Mecha-Godzilla sounds awesome to Rai~~
With daily sacraments of Bubble tea (flavor your choice) and happy music~

Rai can provide inspiration if scriptures and commendants can come down in the form of awesome musics~~

The Capsule Raiders are a group thing that I do with some of my friends based off of this awesome music group~~ Nori-A is my character in the group~~
You can find some of our stuffs here

Matt said...

So Rai, how would one go about hearing this awesome music?

Anonymous said...

who ever gave out info on the plainfield show, thx's it didnt turn out the way the promo'er thought it would but as for the bands that did play they where great. It was even cool to get nYgel up on stage w/ me at one point. Thanks again to everyone that help put it together.
im out

Z. said...

Glad to hear it, General. I'm also assuming that nYg recorded the gig for posterity?