Friday, December 07, 2007

More Nerd News in Brief

Yesterday, while Church and I were goofing off via Gmail, he directed me to this story.

If anyone’s in need of another righteous “fuck you” to Jack Thompson, this is it. Gaming literally saved this kid’s life. And not just gaming: WoW. Yes, World of Warcraft, the crack cocaine of the videogame world.

It just goes to show you that you can develop real world skills practically anywhere. It also goes to show you that moose are dangerous.

Who knew?
  • Renegade cowboy poet: Nerdcore icon Beefy and ‘terny rockers From the Dust (featuring Ryan St. Cameraman) recently appeared in some outtakes from a recent Atomic Town video interview. Somewhere within all this delightful tomfoolery, it was slipped that these two primal forces of the Tri-Cities music scene are toying with the idea of joining forces under the moniker LAN Party. There’s also talk of a song about Unicron. Make it so, sweet baby Jeebus, make it so!
  • Be on Beef’s album: In other Beefy news, Mr. Thompson is currently seeking guest rhymes for a track called “Disconnect” on his forthcoming album Rolling Doubles. The track already features the great YTCracker, so if you’re gonna try and get in on the action, bring you’re A game. Further information can be procured here.
  • Game Music 4 U: GM4A’s winter season compilation has, unfortunately, been postponed to Quarter 1 of next year due to circumstances beyond the control of Anthony and company. Ant says to the participants: “If you can still be part of the compilation, and if you have gotten any closer to a finished track definitely let me know.” Early, late, or right on time, I can't wait to hear this one.
  • The most fun you could possibly have: Church just pointed me toward this piece on my man Baddd Spellah at the Inkling magazine Web site. It’s a very interesting, if brief, sojourn into Spellah’s inner sanctum. More importantly, it reveals that’s he’s currently working with a new artist, MC Jomega. Apparently Santa really did get my letter!
  • RIP Pimp C: On a sadder note, rapper Pimp C, known in wider circles for his work with Jay-Z and to nerd’s as the cat on the hook of YTCracker’s “Shineback,” was found dead in his hotel room earlier this week. He will be missed.
  • Nullsleep’s haircut pwns u: New York chiptune festival Blip Fest recently got some press from ABC News. Church came through with a link to the vid, which you can enjoy here.
  • One of us!: The Wizard Rock community also got some more love from the mainstream this week when MTV released a year-end top 10 list of their favorite Wrock bands. The Wrock community responded with the type of lively (and ultimately fruitless) debate that you’d expect from our fellow nerds.
  • One to grow on: Word also came from Devin of the Wrockers The Owl Post this week that some in the scene are expanding their source material to include other book series. Check out Matt’s recent post at Headphone Sacrament for more info.
  • Another damn holiday: Church would like to remind you all that tomorrow is Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day. I plan to fall into the role of ZX409, an escaped test subject from the North Central Positronic Research and Development wing circa the distant future.
  • Little Miss Can’t be Wrong: Today I’ll leave you with another installment of Little Miss Gamer. This time around she takes on StarTropics, meaning I now know a grand total of 1 person who played that game.


Church said...

Have you ever seen a moose, Z? ANYthing that big is dangerous. Anything that big and pissed at you is terrifying. Fortunately, my instinctive 'curl into a wimpering ball' move appears to have some basis in reality. (Sis is on her own.)

LMG is coming along nicely. I'm glad that they appear to have their intros under control.

antisoc said...

you know 2 people who have played StarTropics - great game :)

Z. said...

We don't have a lot in the way of moose around here, Church. We have deer, though, and they will totally fuck up your car.

Well that's two recommendations, Soc, so I reckon I better break out my copy and play it. I picked it up dirt cheap at a flea market years ago and never got past the start screen.

Matt said...

Thanks for giving Devin the nod. Though, given your status as an English major, I really shouldn't be surprised should I?

Doc Pop said...

so is MC Jomega Nursehella's new name?

Matt said...

The quotes don't really sound like her, Doc. I could be completely wrong, and often am, but I'm holding out hope for a new artist.

Z, time to use those ninja connections and get the full story on this girl.

Z. said...

As far as I know, Doc, 'Hella's still 'Hella.

Matt, I had to talk to Spellah about something anyway, so I made mention of Jomega. We shall see what comes. Oh, and of course you know I'm gonna support Lit rock in all it's forms! ;)

Matt said...

Lit Rock. I'm digging that name.

Score one for Z.

Z. said...

Yeah, it seemed a no-brainer as soon as I typed it!

Anthony said...

Thanks for making a post about our upcoming comps unfortunate delay. When it's finally done it shall be epic though!

Also. Startropics is Ace. Get on that Z!

Church said...

Holy crap!

I just watched that LMG vid for, like, the fifth time (this time on Revver. You're welcome) and I only now caught the first part of the letter in the intro.

nursehella said...

star tropics?
bought it. played it. beat it.
still own it, still pwn it.

i got that game when it first came out. i was in 3rd grade i think. my dad fucking loved it - we still giggle together over how we spent like 20 bucks phoning the NES cheat hotline because we'd thrown away this sheet of paper that came with the game - - little knowing that towards the end of the game you're supposed to 'DIP THE LETTER IN WATER' to reveal the code to start the submarine. fuck! when my dad and i got a nes game we'd just throw the instructions aside, toss the garbage and fkngvr!!!

star tropics motherfucker. love it.