Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Plan accordingly

This weekend your geek entertainment options are legion.

Of course everyone knows that August 24th -26th marks this years Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle, WA, and if three full days of dork debauchery somehow wasn’t enough you also get two evenings of geek-tastic music!

The Friday night concert welcomes Freezepop and the OneUps to the PAX musical fold, as well as returning favorites Optimus Rhyme and the NESkimos. Be forewarned: “The first 4,000 attendees at PAX on Friday afternoon will receive wristbands for guaranteed entry, with the remaining seats being given away on a first-come, first-served basis.”

Saturday night’s show will feature Jonathan Coulton, MC Frontalot, and the Minibosses, and they promise to rock you until the break of dawn – figuratively speaking of course. Once again, you’ll either need a wristband or excellent timing to get in.

But wait, there’s more!

Also going on in old Seattle-town this same Sunday is the triumphant return of Nerdcore Night. El Corazon will be the place to be for this all-ages event that features My Parents Favorite Music, Ultraklystron, Nursehella, Beefy, MC Router, Futuristic Sex Robotz (maybe), and Former Fat Boys (possibly). Tickets are 8 bones at the door, which, coincidentally, open at 5:00 PM with the show starting at 5:30.

Nerdcore Night: The Sequel

Shit, there’s even an option for those of us on the east coast! While Nerdapalooza proper has (sadly) been re-scheduled, Nerdapalooza East is, as the kids say, in full effect. This Friday, at Tim & Jerry’s in scenic Gainesville, FL, cower before the collective musical might of funky49, Bushido Stylus, Emergency Pizza Party, MagiTek, Rocker Propelled Geeks, MC Wreckshin, Project Zero, mCRT, CSHC, Sir-Up, Select Start, High-C, Krondor Krew, Random, and Cali’s own Zealous1.

Nerdapalooza East

Due to some familial obligations, it looks like I won’t be able to make my way down to the Gainesville show, but my gal Denika is gonna be there so I’m sure she’ll let us know how it all came together.

You, on the other hand, have no reason not to attend one or more of the preceding events.


Beefy said...

ah you forgot about tomorrow's high dive show with frontalot, optimus rhyme, the goondocks, and beefy & router @ 9pm!

Z. said...

Actually, I was gonna give that its own post tomorrow AM. Way to spoil the surprise, Beef. ;)

Jarod said...

Also, PAX is in Seattle this time, not Bellevue.

MC said...

Nerdcore Night II cannot verify at this time the presence of the Futuristic Sex Robotz or the Former Fat Boys (blame it on an overzealous PR rep ^_- ).

However, we CAN verify, and you heard it here first, kids, the performance of a very famous and excellent Secret Guest Mystery Rapper (and no, it's not Rappy McRapperson...sorry). Be sure to show up early, and get free DVDs!!

-Tanuki, who will perform even without the luxury of a functioning abdominal wall

Church said...

Meh. Call me when they perform in a mid-atlantic state. THEN I'll be suprised...

MC said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MC said...

A mid-Atlantic state? Does that mean a state in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean (in which case I imagine it populated mostly by merfolk and Scandinavians), or does it mean in the middle of Atlanta, Georgia (in which case I imagine it is quite a small state, not unlike Vatican City or Rhode Island)?

Needless to say, either case would be quite surprising, indeed.

Z. said...

Whoops! That one really did slip my mind. Thanks for the reminder, Jarod! :)

I’ll make a note of that, Nook. And best wishes on a speedy recovery.