Friday, August 24, 2007

More Nerd News in Brief

If you want to know what I’ll be doing during the latter half of September, let me break it down for you: I will be playing my DS.

Playing the shit out of it, in fact.

And what will I be playing?

  • Brain Power: I know you guys are probably expecting me to make some lame joke about Nerdcore Boxing, a site Church found that exists to “profile individuals in combat sports that typify the scholarly warrior,” but I’m not. I know this probably sounds more than a bit strange coming from the archetypical 98 lb. weakling, but damned if this isn’t a thoughtful and interesting site. Even for those of us who shy away from physical activity.
  • I knew him when: Church’s recent Remus Lupins performance vid landed him on popular Wrock community site WizRockLopedia. Ah, I remember when Church was my little secret. ;) Be sure to check out the ‘Pedia if you’re looking for some in-depth Wrock coverage, and don’t forget to peep this Flickr set from the gig in question.
  • Per usual: In other Wizard Rock news, Wired magazine has continued its grand tradition writing small, relatively uninformative pieces on nerdy music by setting its sites on the genre. Truthfully, I’m just kind of happy to see Wrock get some more press… I’m also a little relieved that the community doesn’t have an equivalent to our MC Router. Yet.
  • Speaking of: The Priapistic Press sent me the following links to what can only be described as a treasure trove of geeky tattoos. Ms. Router, may I humbly present your distinguished competition.
  • An Alliance of Creativity: For those of you looking for something in the way of VGM this weekend, Baltimore will play host to the 16-bit Gen Gamer Fest this Saturday at 6:00 PM at The Patterson. Featured guests include Blue Leader (as guest MC) and music from Entertainment System, This Place is Haunted, Temp Sound Solutions, Powerglove, and Mega Man centric rockers The Protomen. The event will also feature “monumental canvases by 8-Bit Artist” and a ten-monitor, 20 year history of gaming. Two words: Day Yum.
  • Finally, some nerdcore news!: My man Conyeezy, one half of CSHC, has dropped a new hacker anthem for your listening pleasure. You can check out the demo for “DG Dot Com” over at the Digital Gangster forums… as well as the kind of surreal responses one would expect from DG forum users.
  • Amalgamate ‘em: Okay, so maybe you haven’t bought MAJA’s new album yet. Sure, you dug “Transformer,” but maybe you wanna get a little taste of another track before you take the plunge. You’re a discerning consumer, and I applaud you. Thankfully, so does MAJA. Here’s a little “online CD listening video” for the track “Go Head.” Enjoy it, and be sure to catch MAJA at Anime Vegas Convention on Labor Day weekend and Otaku University Anime Conference in Mesa, Arizona Sept 30th. 2007. You’ll be glad you did.


Church said...

That flickr set isn't mine--sorry if I wasn't clear about that. (I'm actually in one of the photos.)

Z. said...

Whoops! I am all kinds of inaccurate this week. :)

matt s said...

I think Whompy is probably as close to a Router as WRock will get. What he lacks in a tendency for violence, he makes up for in righteous indignation.

Matt S said...

Oh and the Flickr set is from Camie over at Wizrocklopedia.

Z. said...

Heaven help me, but I do love me some righteous indignation!

Church said...

Jeebus. Who *wasn't* at that show?

And I must say, I've been trying to get the GF into wrock for a while now, and she resisted everything I threw at her... until Alex got up there and rocked out.

Lest anyone doubt his W/Rock credentials, there it is.

(OK, just have to share that the captcha is "gfuka." Not sure what to make of that...)

J3SS said...

thanks for sharing that!

-jess (the priapistic press)

Z. said...

If it were up to me, Church, every CAPTCHA would be gfuka!

And thanks for the links, Jess. They afforded me literally hours of work-time entertainment.