Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Mother of All Gigs

Yesterday I dropped some knowledge concerning the myriad of nerdy musical events going down this weekend, but today – oh today, dear readers – I offer a little insight into an extra special gig this very evening.

Tonight Seattle’s High Dive plays host to a collection of nerdcore heavy hitters that… well… suffice it to say that it yet again has me lamenting my rural eastern locality.

The godfather of nerdcore himself, MC Frontalot, will once again join forces with hometown heroes (and let me say it ‘cause it must be said: the best goddamn band ever), Optimus Rhyme, for an unforgettable night of musical madness.

And you know what? That is wonderful. Phenomenal. Stupendous, even.

But you’ll also get to see long-time Frontalot disciple and Autobeat Ally Beefy take the stage with a rousing set of old favorites and hot new material.

Oh yeah. That’s the stuff!

Plus the John Oates to Optimus’s figurative Daryl Hall, The Goondocks, will also rock the stage with their unique blend of deceptively insightful lyricism and smoothed-out instrumentation.

Admit it: you are presently salivating.

And lest I forget, the crown jewel in the musical crown of the Lone Star State, the smart and sassy MC Router, will also rock the mic in a manner most sublime.

In summation: Router. Da Goons. Beefy. Optimus. Front.

Be there.

Oh, sweet holy God!


beefy said...

we're already here, and lemme tell you, this is already my favorite venue!

ChurchHatesTucker said...

This the place with the tacos?

Z. said...
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Z. said...

So just because Beefy likes it that must make it "the place with the tacos?" Racist! ;)