Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Ninja Steffo

There’s a lot to talk about today. I mean, is Resident Evil 5 inherently racist? Will a staggering drop in the prices of super computers ultimately aid in the eradication of lingering disease? Will Eminem take Apple to court (for real this time)?

But, y’know, fuck that noise! I’m much more concerned with getting my man Steffo (of My Parents Favorite Music) on Ninja Warrior.

Here’s the skinny: G4 is sponsoring the American Ninja Challenge. Through this contest, one lucky(?) contestant will win the chance to be on the always ridiculous Japanese gameshow.

Now, we won’t know if Steffo even made it into the semi-finals until Friday, but that’s no reason not to enjoy his ninja skillz (note the “z”) right now.

So behold my man in all his greatness. And, should you see his submission floating around the G4 Web site come Friday, be sure to vote for him.


ChurchHatesTucker said...

Nice vid. Good luck, Steffo!

The Resident Evil series has been promoting genocide for years.

"First they came for the white Undead-Americans, and I didn't complain because I wasn't a white Undead-American..."

funky49 said...

feck yes! he's got the look... and the touch!

Z. said...

Wise words from Church, and even wiser from funk! ;)

Steffo said...

Thanks for the support guys. I don't have the skillz, but I can fake it pretty damn wellz!

checkerboardriot said...

Steffo for president or overlord,i cant decide which one.