Monday, July 30, 2007

Nerd News in Brief

We nerds are seemingly warlike by nature. We tend to pick our ponies early on and ride ‘em out as long and as far as possible. We tend to disagree and debate and, let’s face it, bitch incessantly, but we seldom let shit get out of hand.

Except for this guy; this guy flipped the fuck out. Which begs the question was he really a nerd after all? Maybe he was just a psycho.

I’m sure they have their own music and culture blog. Somewhere.

  • Return of the Robot Masters: Riding high on a recent wave of (much deserved) publicity, Random’s Mega Ran album got a very favorable review in Canadian music magazine Exclaim. Always nice to see a deserving artist get some love.
  • Rage in the Cage: On another Capcom-related note, Beefy leaked some pics from last week’s Nerdcore For Life show at the San Diego Comic-Con. That Chun-Li is acceptable. Ryu? Not so much.
  • Do the right thing: The Spork of FL nerds Rocket Propelled Geeks is actively seeking other groups and artists to take part in a charity event for a recently disabled employee of Daytona’s Speed Park, a local arcade and go-kart track. The event is slated for Saturday, August 4th and RPG are looking for “any other bands who’d be willing to play as well. The music will start at 11:00 AM and go on all day. […] The gig will be free, but you'll get to put up a merch table if you so desire, and it's going to a good cause.” If you and yours’ll be down Florida-way next week, holler at Spork if you wanna lend a hand.
  • Take that, Fox Network!: Game rockers Armcannon are in the running to appear on Fox’s newest mutant reality/talent show hybrid The Next Great American Band. Armcannon was chosen one of the top bands in the Buffalo area, but they need your help to go all the way. Click on this handy dandy link to vote for your boys and help them make it to Vegas for the show.
  • Shame on a nerdguh!: RZA is running a contest with through which some lucky bastards can open for Wu-Tang on the forthcoming tour. Basically, you just download the instrumental, rap over that bitch, and then submit the results. Matt has “this crazy mental image of Ultraklystron opening for Wu.” Let’s make that a reality, shall we?
  • On the subject of songs: After a fairly lengthy solo hiatus, Super Dragon X is back with a new track called “Apoc;” you can peep it at his MySpace. Consequently, if you’re feeling adventurous and looking for something that is new to the very Nth degree, try the first ever nerdcore track from Luzid; it is, not surprisingly, at his MySpace.
  • Getting Pooooo-litical: Today, I’m gonna close with a vid by my pal Church. It’s political, and y’all know my slant, so be forewarned. Take it away MC AG!


ChurchHatesTucker said...

Damn, I wasn't expecting to see that vid up here.

I should probably note that the audio is of Skinny Suge, a Baltimore rapper who put out a DVD entitled "Stop Snitching" which gained a bit of notoriety a while back.

Z. said...

What can I say? That vid tickles the hell outta me!

I thought everybody knew about “Stop Snitching,” but I’m glad you offered the explanation. Maybe it was a purely east coast phenomenon.

matt S said...

matt s said...

Re: The Wu Tang contest.

You only get to open one show (in Hawaii), not the entire tour.

funky49 said...

I'll call you from Hawaii in September.

Karl said...

I suppose I'll try this.

Z. said...

Best of luck, Steve!

And you better try, Karl. Your fans have spoken. ;)