Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 27: More Than Meets the Eye

I’ll go out on a limb and say that this may be the most eclectic edition of Radio Free Hipster to date.

“Eclectic,” of course, is simply college-boy speak for totally fucked up.

Between the hip-hop, the j-pop, the buttrock, and the filk – not to mention the extended instrumental sub-set – I can’t help but feel that this ep. may lose a couple of you, but that’s the price I pay for refusing to limit myself to the canon of G1.

I know some of you probably feel my affection for ‘toons like Beast Wars Neo and Headmasters is blasphemous at best, but, as I’m no stranger to blasphemy, your cries fall on deaf ears.

Still, I produce this podcast not merely for my own amusement, but for yours as well, and I hope you find this episode enjoyable, even if you are a purist.

Download Radio Free Hipster Ep. 27: More Than Meets the Eye Size: 42.5 Running Time: 46:30

Show Notes:

Intro: Baddd Spellah – “Radio Free Hipster Theme (feat. Beefy)
Spellah and Beefy are robots in disguise. No foolin’.

Track 1: MuteMath – “Transformers Theme”
I actually could’ve done an entire episode of just different versions of the Transformers theme. I chose to do otherwise.

Z’s 1st interlude: “Far too distracted by the rampant product placement to notice.”
The new Transformers movie was a two and a half hour commercial… and it wasn’t even a commercial for the Transformers!

Track 2: Stan Bush – “The Touch”
“When all Hell’s breaking loose / you’ll be riding the eye of the storm.”

Track 3: Stunt Junkies - “This is Cybertron”
The Stunt Junkies were nice enough to let me bum a copy of this track specifically for inclusion in this episode. The degree to which they rock for that simple gesture is nigh incalculable.

Track 4: SOS Wheeljack dialogue / mc chris – “Dare to Be Stupid
Planet Junk?! Were the writers even trying at that point?

Track 5: Jarek Zabczynski – “Transformers Theme
See? I told you.

Track 6: Current of Air – “Space Dreamer
You demanded more J-rock, and I listened. Sort of.

Z’s 2nd interlude: “I’m about as mature as your average 8 year old Japanese kid.”
Before you judge me, I would like to point out that, in the Beast Wars II and Neo series, Optimus is a Lion and Woolly Mammoth respectively. If you aren’t enticed by that prospect alone, check you fuckin’ pulse.

Track 7: Maja – “Transformer”
Maja is another cat who was nice enough to let me bum a song for this ep. Everything on his MySpace player is required listening. It’s geeky, but still totally accessible.

Track 8: Kazunori Maruyama – “Atrocious Offensive”
Yup. Their Super Link is our Energon.

Track 9: Dane Cook / Patrick Cowley – “Megatron Man”
Listen to more Patrick Cowley.

Track 10: Vince DeCola’s – “Unicron Theme”
I love the fanboy applause as this track commences. Great stuff!

Track 11: The great Luke Ski and The Nick Atoms – “The Ballad of Optimus Prime”
I’ve always wanted to play some filk on RFH, but I could never find a track that worked within a given show until this one. I know filk might not be your thing – shit, it ain’t mine either – but you gotta give it up for the nerdiest of all nerd music.

Z’s final interlude: “Dane Cook is generally about as funny as a prostate exam.”
I withdraw the above statement; I’ve had prostate exams far more entertaining than your average Dane Cook bit.

Track 12: Optimus Rhyme – “Precogni2”
By all rights, Optimus Rhyme should’ve been included on Michael Bay’s Transformers soundtrack. Don’t act surprised. You knew I was gonna say that.

Super Fire Convoy was the Optimus of Japan’s Car Robots line (known to us as Robots in Disguise), and I was always fond of that particular figure. I mean, it’s no Tako Tank, but it’s pretty boss.

Anywho, thanks for allowing me to indulge my inner Transfan with this episode. I have a couple more themed eps in mind, but then I think I might head back to the free-form shows for a while. Only time will tell, and I’m totally open to suggestions so gimme a yell.


ChurchHatesTucker said...

I was a tad too old for the whole Transformers thing, but I still enjoyed this. Jarek Somethingpolish's cover is a keeper.

And Chris should do more Weird Al covers. It's a natural.

Z. said...

Too old for Transformers? That's ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

By "old" I meant, "hung over in the girls' dorm."

Dr. Smoov is brilliant, though. Really funny stuff, even if you're not familiar with the show.

Geof said...

OK firstly no-one - NO-ONE - is ever too old for "the whole Transformers thing". I will not hear a word said to the contrary.

Secondly, yes, Dane Cook is in fact less funny than a prostate exam. He's closer to being as funny has having your prostate forcibly removed with grease-coated pliers.

Thirdly, mc chris + Weird Al = gallons of win

Z. said...

I agree on all counts, Geof.

Church said...

Geof, grease-coated, huh? You obviously have a much higher opinion of him than I do.