Friday, July 13, 2007

Nerdcore hits MTV

Okay, so maybe not our MTV - MTV Canada - but that still totally counts! Dan dropped the knowledge over at the Rhyme Torrents forums yesterday, and the response was... a tad underwhelming. Suffice it to say that this is, perhaps, the biggest thing to happen to nerdcore as a whole in the ( admittedly brief) history of the scene.

Peep the unbelievable:

In case you ain't heard the word, Nerdcore is finally set to hit MTV. MTV Canada that is. A few weeks ago a producer from the network's "flagship" show, MTV Live contacted me and asked if I was interested in calling in and doing a phone interview about Nerdcore and the doc. He also asked if any nerdcore rappers lived in Toronto (home of mtv live) or planned to be there sometime this summer. If so, they would be interested in devoting more time to nerdcore and Nerdcore For Life.

Long story short, two nerdcore megastars, Nursehella and Ytcracker stepped up and volunteered to head to Toronto to do a live appearance....on mtv. Is that some crazy shit or what?

The producer described MTV Live as a more cerebral version of TRL. One of their gimmicks is to do remote interviews via webcam. That's how I'll be doing my interview. They asked me to send a copy of the trailer so they'll air at least a bit of that too. This whole thing is so absurd that I've been apprehensive to mention it to anyone in case it fell through. But the plans seem to pretty solid at this point. It sounds like they're even going to let me send a camera guy to get some behind the scenes footage.

Now I'd really, really love to see this episode as soon as possible or at least get a recap. Does anybody here get MTV Canada? It'd be great if parts of the show were to make it on to youtube long enough for we Americans to see it. And it would be even better if someone in canadialand could tape it or dvd record it for me. The show could probably get me a copy but that could take weeks and in my experience, when people say they're going to send you a copy of their show or footage, they usually forget to do it.

But anyway, yeah, Nerdcore on MTV Canada;
Tuesday, July 17th,
sometime between 6 and 8 pm EST.

Now move to Quebec and watch it.


ChurchHatesTucker said...

w00t! This is indeed excellent news! Somebody throw up a torrent!

(Now I'm just going to go and chuckle over the phrase "nerdcore megastars" for a while.)

Z. said...

Beefy once called me "the Barbara Walters of nerdcore." After that, "nerdcore megastars" seems almost quaint. :)

Matt S said...

I was wondering what hella was talking about in her latest blog entry when she promised to rock the mc chris shirt on MTV Live.

I'll have to scan the rt boards when I get home (their filtered at work), but it sucks that the responce was underwhelming. You'd think that a bunch of self professed nerds would have a better understanding of how modern media works and hence see this for what it is. I guess not though.

Matt S said...

BTW, congrats to Dan for getting your project some more press (may be one day you'll release it? :)

And to Dan, Hella, and YT, make us proud. If the Wizard Rock kids can get an MTV News segment that doesn't make them look embarresing, then hopefully the nerdcore kids can do the same.

The future of the scene now rests in your hands. Don't fuck it up.


Z. said...

Well put, Matt. Honestly, I think Dan, YT, and Hella are three great representatives. I can’t wait to see this shit!

Karl said...

Well, I think it's a good thing that two of the artists who most exactingly blend a modern hiphop flavor with an aggressively nerdy and sardonic wit are the first Nerdcore MCs to hit an Mtv network.

Z. said...

I concur, Karl. 'Hella and YT will, no doubt, go over well.