Sunday, July 08, 2007

Inclement weather

Due to yesterday’s little power outage – and thanks to a helpful suggestion from my man Church – I’ve elected to postpone the official release of the Hipster, please! no-longer-so-secret cover song project until Tuesday.

Sunday didn’t seem like such a great time to launch and album. And Monday? Well, Monday is Monday. So Tuesday it is.

The artists involved seem cool with that, and that’s good enough for me. Thanks for bearing with us through this minor logistical snafu. Your patience will be duly rewarded. Trust me.


Matt S said...


antisoc said...

cover??? album??? :-O !!!

Z. said...

Damn, Matt. Getting called a slacker by a dude from the jam band scene is pretty telling. ;)

Yeah, Soc. I've been working on the project in secret for a while. I finally made mention of it on the last podcast.

antisoc said...

That explains why I haven't heard about it. *sheepish grin* I'm way behind on my podcast listening quota.

Z. said...

For shame, Soc! ;)