Monday, July 16, 2007

Nerd News in Brief

July is the quintessential month of nerd merriment. No shit. And in addition to all of the other nerdy happenings, this month also boasts the 25th birthday of the computer virus.

Ah, you sneaky little bastard; I knew you when!

  • Poor Impulse Control: Geeky tattoos are a bit of a passion of mine. I love how they combine nerd iconography and the hipster ideal of body modification. It’s a marriage, says I: a lovely marriage of disparate forces. Oh, and this one is also a vague endorsement a certain nerdcore hip-hop documentary.
  • Nerdcore Hits the Washington Post: Following hot on the heals of, y’know, all those other major media nerdcore articles, the Washington Post has just favored us with a little piece called "Geek Pride Blooms Into a Real-World Subculture." It hits all the highlights: mc chris, MC Frontalot, the Penny Arcade guys, and even Nerdapalooza. Good stuff!
  • A funky Fire Sale: funky49 is known for many things; he raps, he produces, he sends delightful care packages and even the occasional drunken email. And right now funk is known for his unabashed poverty. Following his recent cross-country jaunt to open for mc chris, funk is a little light in the ol’ wallet. Of course he counters this the same way as any nerd: eBay. Why not check out his auctions?
  • It ain’t exactly Herbology: My pal Church knew that I was hitting up the new Potter movie this weekend – it was good but not great IMHO – and as such, he knew I’d come outta the theater with a thirst to get my craft on. Sensing my need to bust out the ol’ glue gun, he directed me toward this Hogwarts-themed Instructables challenge. The more adept among you may want to throw your (sorting) hat in the ring for the contest, and the rest of us will busily paint our paper wands.
  • Lingering Anti-Nerd Sentiment: Meanwhile, Matt passed on this piece about cops harassing defenseless (read: naked) nerds. I could try and explain the situation myself, but you’ve no doubt just went back and re-read the naked part, so lemme just throw in a link.
  • The Zed Word: And lastly, ZeaLouS1 has made an appearance – albeit in voice alone – in the most recent Monster By Mail video. Listen to some Z1 and watch a dude draw a zombified comic shop owner. Good times. Good times.


ChurchHatesTucker said...

Huh. That Post article was one of the better ones. Color me suprised.

The GF and I both thought OotP was the best HP movie yet. (Not even taking into account the degree of difficulty in adapting a 900 page story.)

Monster by Mail is a cool idea. And that Z1 song is perfect.

Z. said...

I still think PoA was the best movie adaptation, probably because It didn’t tether itself too strongly to the source material. There were parts of OotP that, though I really enjoyed, I’d’ve preferred they worked around rather than flying through. Just my little opinion, though. Still a good film, and well worth my time and money.

Matt S said...

I knew there was something I was forgetting to do this weekend. I'm a bad geek, I know. I'll go over and sit in the courner now.

Z. said...

It's alright, Matt. It's sort of impossible not to miss something. "July 2007 - Geek Overload!"

Anonymous said...

hehehe... i felt that about december 17, 2002 i believe...

on that day both the first lord of the rings films and final fantasy x came out. the debate of how many hours to devote to what part of my nerdom made me have to sit down and reboot.

Z. said...

Ah yeah, Hex. Good times. Good times.

docinho said...

eu sou felis