Friday, June 01, 2007

More Nerd News in Brief

Damn you CBS!

I had such high hopes for Pirate Master. I did, and I'm not ashamed to say it as my love of piracy precedes me. But of course it fuckin' sucked ‘cause, y'know, it's a reality show and a midseason replacement at that.

I reckon sometimes I just expect too much.

*le sigh* Here's some More Nerd News in Brief.

  • SOLD!: Big up to nerdcore superfan Bandog for kicking in a cool 71 bones to help get ZeaLouS1 to Florida. I mean, he got a treasure trove of rare and unreleased nerdcore tracks for his trouble, but big up to the lad anyways!
  • Not to be confused with The Fox and the Hound : If you, consequently, would like to jam to something a little further away from the nerdy rap game but still imminently geek-friendly, I'd humbly suggest a new NYC-based collective calling itself FOXHOUND. They skillfully incorporate jazzy brass and bright rock sounds to create a flavor of game rock heretofore uncharted. Give the self professed “MOST. BAND. EVER” a listen over at their MySpace.
  • Embrace your doom: While you're MySpacing it up, you might also wanna peep this bulletin . If my readin' skills are still up to par, it appears as though Captured By Robots and Stovokor have joined forces for a gig at Berbati's Pan in Portland. It's $10 at the door, and kicks of at 9:00 in the PM. And it's 21+, so as to spare the children the gruesome site of all-out rock decimation!
  • Never Gonna Give You Up: My brothers at Northwest Nerdcore have seen fit to favor us with another edition of the NWNC podcast. However, I can neither confirm nor deny the inclusion of Rick Astley in their revelry.
  • For those about to rock: My other brothers over at Game Music 4 All are putting on their first ever concert this Saturday at CIA in North Hollywood. The show starts at 8:00 PM, and features VGM from Two Playa Game, 8 Bit Bandit, Super Barrio Brothers, Toploader, and The Megas. Plus there's a Guitar Hero II Tournament. All this for ten bucks plus you get first crack at GM4A's compilation album Music EXP!
  • All samples (un)cleared: Nerdcore producer and all around remixing mastermind nYgel recently announced a soon-to-be released nerdcore mixtape. In his own words: “ I have several, of what I feel are the best suited for this project, artists who are on this with me. I plan on several things on this tape but mainly [it's] just something this ... community hasn't yet been exposed to.” I, for one, can't wait to hear this shit.
  • North of the Border: Canadian hip-hop demi-god Wordburglar will be performing at NXNE on Thursday, June 07 at 11:00 PM as part of a showcase entitled “A Geographical Lesson in Hip Hop.” Burg'll be going on at 11:00 PM, so get their early and plan to stay late.
  • More pirates!: And lastly, the results are in. mc chris has announced who'll be opening for him at his full-tilt nerd-fest in Eugene, OR in July. Congrats to the folks who made the cut, and thanks to everyone who participated in the voting.


Church said...

Meh. Just change NNIB to CSNW.

(Cool Shit North West)

Anthony said...

Thanks for plugging our concert one more time! Wish us luck, It's going to be quite a day for us!

Anonymous said...

u have to let me add a cover to ur mix. give me a week!

Anonymous said...

oh its me, mcchris

Nerd Fabulous said...

Indeed there is a superfan named Bandog. I AM that fan. :)

Big ups to me.

And uber-ups to funky49 for having the auction on Ebay in the first place.

(And power-ups to Z for mentioning me! I didn't realize I was news!)

Nerdcore Represent!