Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Nerd News in Brief

Oh, it's been far too long, my friends, but I am – as they say in the vernacular – all up in this bitch with another edition of Nerd News in Brief.

  • Constitution +1: Adam Mapleson is just like you or me; he likes metal and Counter-Strike. Except he also took a bullet for a bullet for a security guard outside a railway station in Essex. What's this? A gamer making a valiant, selfless move rather than shooting up a local 7-Eleven? Suck on that Jack Thompson!
  • Sunday Bloody Sunday: Looking for something to do this Sunday? Do you like hip-hop, punk rock, portly Latinos, and the beach? Then you gotsta check out my boy Beefy and a cavalcade of nor'eastern punkers as they storm Seaside, OR. It's an outdoor gig at a skate park, ergo the odds of Beef busting his ass are high.
  • Bid early, bid often: I mentioned a bit ago that you, faithful reader, have the power to transport ZeaLouS1 from his California hideaway to the ramshackle east coast. The good news is you don't even have to use your burgeoning arcane abilities. You can simply bid on this MP3 player full of musical juiciness. Intrigued? You should be.
  • Viva la… um…: My pal Brüx recently discovered that there may well be a Mexican Revolutionary among the Empire's Storm Troopers. I call him Pancho Fett . You will doubtlessly call him adorable.
  • Survey says?: A Minibosses fan named Clemens, a grad student working on his MA, is currently conducting a survey about the Minis for one of his policy classes. If you've got a moment, take a look and help a brother out.
  • Nerdy/Nice: MC Frontalot needs a place to park his gear trailer. If you live within 75 miles of NYC and have a driveway, garage, or yard that is solely lacking the nerdiest medium-sized, white, one-axle trailer in existence, holler at Front. And thou shalt have riches in heaven. And probably some free t-shirts.
  • I helpded U wif Ur codin: Do you like code and adorable cat macros ? No, I mean seriously. ‘Cause if you do you should maybe consider investing some time in learning lolcode. KTHXBYE
  • Free Awesome, Inquire Within: You ain't shit if you don't download the latest mixtape from the fine folks at Nerdy South Records. You fuckin' heard me.
  • W-Effin-S: And lastly, I'd just like to say that this beats the hell out of all of Shatner's other musical endeavors.


Geof said...

Oh God that Shatner mix is the coolest thing I've heard all week. I must obtain the MP3.

Z. said...

Yeah, Church sent me that earlier this week and I've pretty much been watching it ever since! :)

churchHatesTucker said...

I saw Pancho Fett earlier, but I forgot about him when I saw the Slave Leia costume call.

Z. said...


Dr. Confusion said...

Wow. That Shatner mix is incredible. Did one of the folk from The Avalanches do that? That is some mad VJ/cutting skillz.