Friday, June 08, 2007

In Memoriam

Rather than drop another edition of the Nerd News In Brief, I have instead elected to focus my energy on a solitary item this sunny Friday afternoon. Yesterday it was announced on the Rhyme Torrents forums that Emergency Pizza Party is no more; ironically enough, this proclamation was made by Sir-Up, traditionally the group’s least vocal member.

Whether you count yourself an EPP fan or not, the impact they had on post-RT nerdcore is undeniable. The group was a fixture of the greater Florida scene and a prime catalyst that precipitated the veritable explosion of regular nerdcore shows in the area. EPP were known for their eclectic style, their frenetic performances, and their eternally swelling roster.

The band was also know for its totally unorthodox sense of humor, and I, like many other scenesters, simply assumed that this announcement was some other obscure in-joke appreciated only by the members of the Party themselves. It appears, however, that it’s for real, and, as such, I thought it warranted a little pomp and/or circumstance.

I find it kinda hard to be blue, as Sir-Up explicitly stated that the former members of the group would continue to make music independently. Instead, I’ll simply wish them all the best in their endeavors and hope that the split affords them each the artistic growth that they seek. Best of luck to Sir-Up and Fanatical on their up-coming solo releases, Ben and Wreckshin on their future projects, and – my personal favorite – Miss Betty Rebel on whatever musical avenues she chooses to tread.

MagiTek, Krondor Krew, and Superfiends: y’all keep the dream alive.


MC said...

Were it not for EPP, there would be no Northwest Nerdcore. We hella owe them props, for sure.

They made some of the best music Nerdcore has seen, and here's hoping the individual members will bring some of that magic to their solo projects.

Twenty years from now, VH1 will be doing a show about the early Nerdcore movement, and the old-timers will reminisce about the amazing time when there was this cool little collective of people down in Florida who didn't make too many songs, and were only together for a year or so, but had more impact on the genre to come than anyone else. And then they will fly away on their jet-pack. It is, after all, the future.

Denika said...

They heard we are coming and we are the harbingers of DOOM!

Z. said...

I'm sure they appreciate said props, Nook.

And Denika: Damn your black heart! ;)