Monday, June 11, 2007

Nerd News in Brief

I don't watch The Sopranos, so forgive my glaring lack of righteous indignation concerning the series finale.

I've heard the sordid tale, and I totally understand why people are pissed, but, frankly, my only concern is that “Little Stevie” Van Zandt won't be getting that steady paycheck anymore.

You've still got the Underground Garage, Steve!

And now, while I continue my one-sided conversation with the guitarist of the E-Street Band, please enjoy the Nerd News in Brief.

  • News flash!: Apparently, fervently playing Nintendo Wii for hours on end can cause some discomfort. Who knew? Thanks, medical science!
  • Not the only game in town: MTV recently unleashed upon its viewership that Wizard Rock piece we'd been waiting for. Honestly, it wasn't nearly as condescending as I'd anticipated. My only complaint? The omission of the simple fact that bands have, in fact, been thematically centering themselves around works such as Star Trek and The Lord of the Rings for years now. C'mon, people!
  • It's Router's world, we just live in it: MC Router recently made the front page of YouTube with her Dan Lamouruex-directed video “Buggin' Out.” A heavily eye-lined Router also gave an exclusive interview to online musical community Made Loud. She's even got a couple of gigs lined up: June 15th at The Wreck Room and June 24 at Embargo as part of the FW Weekly showcase. In short, Router demands your attention.
  • Worth a thousand EXP points: The fellows over at Game Music 4 All have posted some great picks of their recent Level Up event. You can also watch IllGill and ZeaLous1 drop some freestyle with game rockers Toploader right here. For those of us who couldn't be there in person, this is the next best thing.
  • A sentimental observation ‘bout the moon: My pal Church recently came across a piece over at Zen Habits that put him in mind of a certain MC Frontalot track. Unfortunately, the track in question was not “Gonna Be Your Man.”
  • Feel the burn: Church also turned me on to Dance Dance Emolation. “It's just like Dance Dance Revolution. But with flamethrowers. Pointed at you.”
  • Little know fact: LogicOne is, in reality, Dr. Reed Richards. Don't believe me? Then why is the title of his forthcoming album The Fantastic Dr. Richards? I gotcha with that one!
  • I've been a bad, bad boy: And lastly, last week's tardy edition of NNIB elicited some strange reactions. Not the least of which was a solid scolding from my pal Matt from Headphone Sacrament. Still, in spite of his disappointment he was nice enough to share the following vid, which I will now pass on to you. May the circle be unbroken.


Beefy said...

I <3 FotC

ChurchHatesTucker said...

I must admit, I'm frequently suprised when you pluck out some gem that I sent you and post it to NNIB. I have to fess up, though, that the Zen Habits link wasn't from me. I'm starting to worry about your new job.

Dance Dance Immolation was totally me, though. Feel the burn, biatches!

Denika said...

OMG LMAO!!! comic genius no doubt

Z. said...

As well you should, Beefy. As well you should.

You have good reason to be worried, Church; I’ve obviously lost my damned mind. Now that I think about it, maybe that one came from Antisocial…

Glad you liked that, Denika. :)

Matt S said...

Ha! I snagged the final video slot! And I think I may just do it again with the next NNIB. No way can Z resist what I just sent him. Everything in going according to plan. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


Though I was kind of expecting Z to point out there he's still posting more then me these days. Oh well...

Z. said...

Now would I really day a thing like that, Matt? ;)

churchHatesTucker said...

Jeebus, Matt, I'M posting more than you these days. And I don't have a fraking blog.

Oh, yeah. I went there.

antisoc said...

The imitation of computer synthesized voice is uncanny.

Z. said...

Day-um! Went there indeed, Church!

Yeah, Soc, I'm think they might be real androids. :)

Matt S said...

hey church, some of us have lives you know.

Not saying I'm one of them, but you know, some folks out there do... I think... At least I read that somewhere.

oh wait a minute, Church, you live in Baltimore. I forgot that. Need to send you an email.