Monday, April 02, 2007

Nerd News in Brief

Fuckin' April Fool's Day. Every year it's the same old drill: a bunch of ham-fisted gags designed to mislead and/or delight. We are not amused, Internet. We are not amused.

Okay, so maybe we're amused by this, but only because of its scatological undertones.

But April 1st is behind us now. It's April 2nd , and, furthermore, it's Monday. So that means Nerd News in Brief.

No foolin'.

  • Apparently we can both fly: As promised, Rai marked the first day of April with the release of a double A-side Internet single. Check out “Mechanical World”/ “Sleeping Forest” over at her LJ.
  • Don't call him “kid”: Jesse Dangerously and DJ Snyder also chose yesterday to drop a new collaborative track of their own. Check out “Icarus” and be amazed.
  • Say it fast: MC Wreckshin decided to mark our most joke-tastic holiday with the release of his new album. Nerdcore Supervillian is currently available for download right now. And it's free, yo!
  • Poor Steve!: Wreckshin and pretty much every other Florida nerdcore artist ripped shit up last Saturday at an event deemed the Nerdcore Extravaganza in Gainesville. Nerdcore superfan 2TUM (Y'all be sure and friend him!) made a lengthy drive to the event and took a bunch of pictures. He also wrote a post-show wrap-up which can be found at his MySpace. It seems that despite spills, chills, and multiple car towings, the night managed to rock hardcore.
  • Who the hell is DJ Chubby Cheeks?: In other weekend show news, mc chris gave some love to our own Nursehella and Ultraklystron in his recent MySpace bulletin. Apparently Nursie even presented mc with some comics. That's nerd love.
  • A room full o' vipers: For those of you looking for something to do tonight, Totally Radd! will be playing at the Viper Room in Hollywood. It's ten bones at the door, but the guys were offering to put fans' names on the list and get ‘em in for nothing. Not sure if that offer still stands, but it's worth a try if you're planning on heading out to the show.
  • The secret's out: A little further down the pipe is a “secret warm-up tour” for They Might Be Giants. Confirmed dates include: Thursday May 3rd Newmarket, NH Stone Church, Friday May 4th Burlington, VT Higher Ground, Saturday May 5th Northampton, MA Iron Horse, Tuesday May 8th Charlottesville, VA Starr Hill, Wednesday May 9th Pittsburgh, PA Mr. Smalls, Friday May 11th Asbury Park, NJ Stone Pony, Wednesday May 16 New York, NY Joe's Pub, Friday May 18th Las Vegas, NV Orleans Theatre KVGS Area 108 summer festival, and Saturday May 19th San Diego, CA Belly Up Tavern. Thanks to my homie Denika for passing this along!
  • You might even learn something: Fans of Shael Riley, nerdy music, video games, serialized Web shows, and full-tilt hilarity should already know of the masterpiece that is The New Adventures of Captain S, but are they doing their part? If you're one of the aforementioned, why not Digg the most recent edition? It'll make you feel good.
  • Nerdcore in the Old World: Frontalot, mc, Optimus Rhyme, and MC Lars all got a recent mention in The Independent. Take a gander to see what they think of nerdcore across the pond. Thanks to Church for hipping me to this!
  • They ain't gonna pay their taxes: And lastly, Former Fat Boys have just dropped a new video for their submission in YouTube's Tax Rap contest. Head over and check the boys out , and don't forget to vote for ‘em! For my money, though, nuthin' beats the uncensored version.


Denika said...

I totaly want a copy of that Former Fat Boys song! LMAO

ChurchHatesTucker said...

I know what you mean about April Fool's Day. There's a guy who keeps a list of all the web jokes each year. The only one I found that was actually funny was ask metafilter's.

Geof said...

As far as I'm concerned, the Internet has killed April Fool's Day. 99% of the Internet acts like retards daily anyway, telling them to really try for that brass ring of "dumbest of the dumb" is just asking for trouble. A million monkeys at a million keyboards acting like monkeys.

Z. said...

I've got a link somewhere, Denika. I'll hook you up. :D

I admit, Church, that was actually pretty funny.

And thanks, Geof. Now I finally know where all my Taiwanese traffic's been coming from. ;)