Friday, March 30, 2007

You on point, P?

I make it a point not to do a whole helluva lot during the weekend. And for me the weekend starts early. Still, sometimes I happen across something that just can't wait until the recommencement of my standard work week, and I am led to drop it on y'all posthaste. This is such a case.

I like a lot of artists within the sphere of nerdy music – shit, that's the juice that keeps this blog and my podcast going – but there are some guys whom, in addition to enjoying their music, I also genuinely like as people. There are cats out there that are fun, likable, interesting characters as well as talented artists.

You know the usual subjects: guys like Beefy and Antisocial and Doc. Folks that I support as musicians but whom I also speak of fondly as individuals. The comprehensive list is lengthy indeed, and I reckon that says something for the community spirit inherent in the nerdcore movement.

Two folks whom I really dig – again both as artists and as people – are Grandmaster Pink and Super Dragon X.

Pinky is, in my opinion, one of the shining stars of 3rd gen nerdcore; he's got this genuine creative spark about him that I find intoxicating. Plus he's always happy to talk comics with me.

My adoration of Metamystiks Inc. is well known, and Dragon is a core part of that magic mixture of equal parts real nerd and real hip-hop. What y'all don't know is that SDX is also always down for a lengthy bullshit session with yours truly about music or women or fine Greek cuisine.

And so it is with great pleasure that I offer to you, oh gracious readers, a Web exclusive track before I send you off to whatever fun and frivolity you've got planned for your Friday. It's Pink's love song to the hip-hop of the 1990's, and a veritable meditation on one of my favorite acts of the era, A Tribe Called Quest. And though it's hard to imagine the fire-breather rhyming on a light-hearted party track, it even features SDX on the chorus.

Two great tastes that taste great together?

Oh, fuck yeah!

So enjoy, and have a pleasant weekend.

Download Grandmaster Pink – “I Have a Quest (feat. Super Dragon X)”


Steffo said...

Bobbing my head never felt so good. I really hope there's some way those 2 can come up from down under and rock it out with everybody. It's only fair, ya know? And if you ever want to talk comics Z, that's half of my time spent during the day anyway. I'm sure you could guess that from the picture battles we have goin' hat the moment though. It's my turn and I'm still tryin to top that last one you sent me.

Keep it up guys, its good stuff.

Z. said...

I think Pink's got some master plan to hit the states sometime next year. Hopefully, he and Dex and Diabolik can all raid North America and show us how they do hip-hop in the crazy-assed, upside-down world of Oz.

And we’ll definitely have to swap comics reading lists, Steffo!

pinky said...

this just about made my weekend :P

an i mean, what more can i say?


thanks again Z.


Z. said...

Hey, thanks for lettin’ me post this one for you, Pink. It really was my pleasure! :D