Friday, April 06, 2007


Before I wander off into the ethereal mist of another weekend, I just wanted to pass on a little info.

This Saturday, my friends Dennis and Denika will be interviewed on a certain nerdy little college radio show out of So-Cal featuring a certain nerdy... um... big MC. You can hit up the stream at around 2:30 PM pacific (that's 5:30 PM, my time) at the Palomar College Radio site, or you can listen to the podcast on Sunday at The Takeover with Silent D. and ZeaLouS 1.

It's always nice to see my peeps get some press. :)


ChurchHatesTucker said...

Yay, comments are back.

Is podcast the same as what they stream?

Denika said...

As I understand it, the podcast is generally the same unless something goes wrong with recording and parts get cut out.

Z. said...

Yup, Church. As far as I know the 'cast is just a recording of the original show.

D'ya reckon Dennis'll actually say anything, Denika? ;)

Denika said...

Dennis actually did pretty much all the talking. He's the one everyone really likes :( I'm just the promo bitch. ;)

Z. said...

I tuned in at around 5:20 EST; you'd already said your piece and I missed it. :(

I d/led the podcast this AM, though, so I'm'a check out the whole interview later today.

And don't gimme that "noone likes Dennika" shit; I heard Z1 say he loved you! ;)