Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sights for sore eyes

Director/producer Dan Lamoureux has just released the (near) final list of artists included in his upcoming Nerdcore for Life documentary. Though he’s taken some slack for it already, I think he’s got a really solid line-up. There are some old favorites, some newer additions, and even a few inclusions that, even if not patently nerdcore, are easily relatable to the movement as a whole. Most importantly, I think he’s done an excellent job zeroing in on a lot of the dominant personalities in the genre. The breakdown is as follows:

  • MC Plus +
  • The Lords of the Rhymes
  • Ytcracker and the Spamtec Crew
  • Ultraklystron
  • The Futuristic Sex Robotz
  • Nursehella
  • Beefy
  • Optimus Rhyme
  • 1337 Geek Beat
  • Shael Riley
  • Rai
  • Jesse Dangerously
  • Fanatical
  • The Former Fat Boys
  • High-C
  • The Sucklord
  • Monzy

And, to quote the man:

If all goes as planned, Baddd Spellah (#18) and MC Hawking (#19) will also be appearing and we're working on getting permission to use footage of MC Frontalot. (#20)

As you wait patiently for footage of Nerdcore for Life to surface, how about you check out the following video for Beefy’s track “Internet Celebrity” by ChurchHatesTucker? It’s made up of footage of… well… internet celebrities, and it is guaranteed to rock your balls!*

*No actual guarantee of ball rockage implied. Offer void in Arkansas, Texas, Florida, and Zimbabwe. In the event that actual time of ball rockage exceeds two hours, please consult a physician. Your miles may vary.


Doc Pop said...

Doh.. I missed the list. Oh well, maybe I'll be in the next nerdcore doc.

Z. said...

I’m sad you didn’t make it as well, Doc. :(

TJ said...

You can be in my Nerdcore documentary. It's called, uh, Nerd...core... oh screw it I got nothin.

ChurchHatesTucker said...

Wow, Z, thanks! What a suprise! Very weird to suddenly show up on a site I read regularly.

I actually tried to put a quick clip of little X dancing into it as an in-joke, but I couldn't get the video to convert properly.

Z. said...

I would argue that the weird thing is that someone actually reads this blog regularly! ;)

I usually make a conscious effort to not include items that Beefy’s already covered on his site (as we both seem to serve a similar group of individuals), but I really thought that vid deserved additional props. Excellent job, CHT!

Thanks for attempting to work X. in. :) But I totally understand how unwieldy that clip is. I used the pack-in editing software and USB connector cable that came with my Sony Handycam. Thus the crappy, choppy quality.

Oh, and on a related note: it looks like Doc Pop will be in the documentary after all!