Friday, November 03, 2006


Under much duress, Wired magazine has finally included a (passing) mention of MC Router. Okay, so technically it’s in the "Rants and Raves" section and technically she wrote and submitted it herself, but the bottom line is Router made it into Wired. It’s lip service, to be sure, but at least it partly rectifies the problem of Wired completely glossing over the female artists in the nerdcore genre in its previous effort. It ain’t much, but a victory’s a victory... even if they did tag the comment "Representin' for Equality."

Girls are nerds too!


TJ said...

There is no way that the person who threatened Wired with a "motherfuckin knife in your motherfuckin spleen" wrote a letter that polite.

Jonesy Mcfly said...

LOL i think they secretly want router to kill them all.

Antisocial said...

T3hy ph34r t3h r00t3r.

Z. said...

Interesting point, TJ. I did notice that Router seemed to be a little overly polite in her communiqué. I just assumed she was doing what she needed to get herself heard. What about you? Do you smell a conspiracy?

Jonesy may be onto something: maybe they edited her letter specifically so she’d wreak her violent revenge! ;)

And yes, Soc, we all ph34r t3h r00t3r!

Nikos (SDX) said...

Polite overall? Yeah. But not without a back-handed comment about Ham-star, who as far as I know hasn't had a bad word to say about anyone.

The bottom line is you can't bully the press into writing about you unless you're an A-list celebrity who pays a heavyweight publicist, and even those folks find it difficult.

In its online manifestation, Wired is a bare-bones outlet with no staff writers and a small editing team. I'm sure they have bigger things to worry about than excluding a few nerdcore scenesters.

Also, Z, I never got the opportunity to thank you for mentioning Metamystiks a month or two back because I was having problems getting on the Internet, but I wanted to offer belated thanks. I'm not planning on doing any nerdcore stuff in the near future, but there may be another Metamystiks track down the line and I appreciate the support. Pz.

Z. said...

True, the crack at Hammy was pretty blatant. And you’re also right about Seth; he hasn’t said an unkind word about anyone, at least to my knowledge. Personally, he’s always been really cool to me. I guess the hamster gimmick just makes him an easy target.

No need to thank me for the Metamystiks plug, SDX. I’m a big fan, and I was glad to do it. I hope you, Snyder, and myf can work up some new tracks in the future. In meantime, don’t hesitate to share any other things you’re working on, nerdcore or otherwise. That flow of yours is too tight to be kept to yourself!