Monday, October 30, 2006

Last-minute entries

Twas the day before Halloween and all through the office, I was um… goofing off and writing in my blog.

Wow. That… that was just bad.

Anyway, on the off chance that you need yet another little shot of Samhain –centered merriment, here are a couple of last-minute entries.

Our friends over at Rhyme Torrents have just released a Halloween-themed EP, complete with tracks from Emergency Pizza Party, Ultraklystron, DJ Snyder, and RT’s own High-C. Download it now and keep the werewolves at bay.

On a more personal note, this year I decided to nerd up the family jack-o-lantern. After a few (crappy) preliminary sketches and a handful of useless ideas, I settled on the ubiquitous Boo – perhaps the least appreciated of Mario-world canon fodder – as my subject. Obviously, I took pictures.

Boo sketched on a punkin.

The completely carved Boo.

Boo glowing with a preternatural light! SPOOKY!!!


darth_apu said...

love the boo! sorry i missed the party. if only i had remembered i had to set the clocks back. i guess getting up @ 3:30 was my punnishment.

darth_apu said...

missi guessed who the jack was without seeing your intro. she's a lil nerdy, when it comes to mario.

Anonymous said...

Z, I love your pumpkin! Boo gets nowhere near enough love imho.


Z. said...

We missed you at the party, DA, but we understand your early work day. I totally forgot about the time change as well! And I’m glad to know Missi was able to identify Boo by the images alone. Perhaps it’s a bit more accurate than I give myself credit for.

Yes, Paige, Boo really gets no love amid the Goombas and the Cheep-Cheeps and the Bullet Bills and the other nefarious minions of Bowser. Poor little socially awkward bastard!

Antisocial said...

Since I work nights I put a dish of candy outside. I left a sign by the candy with pacman chasing a blue ghost with the caption "Please Take 2... Or Pacman Will Eat You"

Z. said...

Well played, Soc. Well played indeed! :D