Monday, November 20, 2006

Of relative unimportance

Here are a few things of which you may be unaware. All are relatively unimportant, but I thought I’d pass ‘em along.

Thing 1: Thanks to putting in an early pre-order at my local Game Crazy, I was able to procure a Wii with minimal difficulty yesterday. I should have it connected to the Inter-tubes soon. If you too have a Wii and would like to exchange friend codes, just holla @ ya boy.

Thing 2: Unfortunately yesterday I also procured a puppy. It’s like a mini- daschund/mini-pincher/fruit bat looking thing. My wife and son insisted that we were in desperate need of such a beast. I remain unsure. The jury is still out concerning how long it will remain with us until I lateral it to my boy Seamonkey and his in-house zoo.

Thing 3: Bill O’Reilly is a crazy cunt. Okay, I’m sure you all knew that, but I just thought I’d pass along that little gem in case you needed further proof.


ChurchHatesTucker said...

Z, you can't give us a description like that and not post a pic of fruit bat puppy!

Z. said...

Good point, church. I’ll get a pic of Rosemary (so named because she’s the only creature I’ve ever seen that’s skinnier than Mia Farrow) this evening and post it for any curious onlookers.