Friday, November 17, 2006

A mermaid that was really a manatee

Do you like the nerdcore hip hop? Of course you do.

Would you like to see Florida's own MC Wreckshin and Fanatical perform in the rain in front of a Best Buy to a captive audience camping out in hopes of snagging the highly sought after PS3? Oh, I know you wanna see that shit!

Seriously, if you have 20 to spare you genuinely need to examine the footage posted over at Google Video. It is a wonder to behold. While Fanatical and Wreckshin are no strangers to guerilla performance, this project was a true stroke of artistic genius. It demonstrates not only the duo's spontaneous, unpredictable performance style, but also their dedication to the craft. It’s like viral marketing with a soul.

Wreckshin and Fanatical, I salute you both on a job well done. Now what do you have planned for Black Friday?


churchHatesTucker said...

That's great. I love guerilla entertainment. And there's nothing like a captive audience.

Z. said...

Indeed. Wrecks and Fanatical are like nerdcore Jehovah’s Witnesses: spreading the word to the masses.

churchHatesTucker said...

You ever tempted to try your (metaphorical) hand at rapping, Z? You do have a way with words.

Z. said...

The thought does occur to me every once in a while, church. I made music of some sort (mostly cowpunk and reggae-rock) for a sizable portion of my teens and twenties, but I am, at present, retired from active duty. I do still write the occasional silly little guitar pop song, but I often pass those on to younger bucks. Maybe one day (when I have a more competent podcasting/recording setup) I’ll ask to do a guest verse on someone else’s track, but in the foreseeable future I simply plan to enjoy my position as a minor herald of nerdly music.