Wednesday, November 22, 2006

New hotness from old friends

Okay, so with Turkey Day looming directly ahead of us, there seems to be a palpable dearth of things to talk about. Still, a few guys are going out of their way to make sure the chatter never completely dies down.

Doctor Popular, for example, has chosen today to launch in earnest. You should check it out, and not just because he’s dropping a new nerdcore track called “Sicko” (featuring MC Inadequate). There’s also a ton of the good Doctor’s previous work available for download and (as he makes explicit mention of being in-studio at present) we can look forward to much more crunchy musical goodness in the future. Doc’s good people. I demand that you love him!

MC Lars (who will, incidentally, be splitting a bill with a certain MC Frontalot on the 18th in NY) has recently launched a podcast in both audio and video form. He also promises to release a new single every month henceforth. Are you excited? I’m excited.

Your favorite bespectacled otaku Karl “Ultraklystron” Olson has recently been featured on the Anime Pulse podcast. His track “So Long Kids” intros the show for two simple reasons:

  1. the subject of said tirade, 4Kids, has recently lost more money than me at the dog track
  2. Karl is the shit
    1. the above point is further evidenced via his own guerilla gig outside of the Bellevue Best Buy

Lastly, Beefy leaked yet another new track on this week’s JALP. This one is all about Jones. For those who may be unacquainted with the Beefy/Jonesey dynamic: think Sir Simon Milligan and his manservant Hecubus. It’s like that, only with more ultimate darkness, and maybe a tad more homoeroticism. Still, I got nothing but love for Beef and Jones, so (on the off chance you don’t’ already listen to their podcast) check it out.

And those are just some of the hardworking nerd-type people that are charging forward while I, personally, rest on my laurels awaiting a holiday feast.

And by laurels I mean ass.

And by holiday feast I mean beer and Stove Top Stuffing.


darth_apu said...

i've already started on my stove top, but the beer may have to wait a few more years. glad to see there will be lots to listen to on my day off before fun friday so i won't have to think about it.

Z. said...

My thoughts are with you, Darth, and all my other brothers and sisters working retail on the dreaded BF!

ChurchHatesTucker said...

Z, you linked the Stove Top, but not the beer? Your priorities are out of whack.

Z. said...

Actually, I figured that each man has his own brand and style of the sacred brew, but Stove Top is standardized. ;)