Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Vote Spellah in '06!

Our old buddy Baddd Spellah has been chosen as a finalist in the CBC’s “Remix the Ring” contest. He humbly requests that you take the time to vote for him as the final selection process begins, and I would like to reiterate.

Straight from the horse’s mouth:

A remix I made got selected as one of 10 finalists
for CBC's (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) "Remix the Ring" contest!
Now its up to public voting to see who comes out on top.

Between September 5, 2006 and September 13, 2006
you can vote for my remix, "Rhyme of the Nibelung", here:

---------- CLICK ME! ----------

The limit is one vote per listener per day so vote daily!
Please tell your friends too!

Apologies in advance: I plan on being fully obnoxious and spammy
for the duration of the contest; I've got the Eye of the Tiger... RAWR!

Thanks to MC Frontalot for donating his literate and rappadocious vocal skillz
and to Big John McCaig at PanicStudios for the masterful mastering on the track.


BS said...

its at the top of the list... under my "real" name...
"Rhyme of the Nibelung - David T Chong (Runs: 2:29)"

Z. said...

Wait… I thought Baddd Spellah was your real name! ;)

BS said...

Haha! It was but when we immigrated my parents changed it so I wouldn't get teased in the schoolyard.

Badddly Spellahlipschitz as they call me in the old country. :)

Z. said...

In Soviet Russia, blog posts you.

Karl Olson said...

I voted Spellah, as he is #1, now and forever.

Z. said...

True - to da - dat!

Anonymous said...

Finally, someone does Germanic rap opera right. Congrats. - High-C

BS said...

Turns out the voting limit is ONCE EVERY 12 HOURS. CBC must want me to turn my friends and acquaintances into enemies by virtue of incessant spamming!

Z. said...

The CBC has no respect for your free time, just as a bald barber has no respect for your hair.