Saturday, September 09, 2006

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 6: Spear and Magic Helmet

I would never say that all music should be light-hearted and jovial. In truth, I applaud those who broach social issues, personal strife, or universal injustice through verse. Still, there is something to be said for good-natured goofiness and intentional peculiarity, not to mention pushing the boundaries of sound, texture, and, yes, good taste.

The only real vein consistent within all of the following songs is their unabashed weirdness. Some are solidly creative works that challenge convention, some are raucous romps through familiar territory, and some or just fuckin’ goofy. Still, in a world that often takes everything a bit too seriously and that focuses so solidly on order and conformity, these things are important.
For me, the strange and the humorous have been linked. I place the blame firmly with the initial cause of this unique phenomenon.

Download Radio Free Hipster Ep. 6: Spear and Magic Helmet Running Time: 46:13 Size: 42.3

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 6: Spear and Magic Helmet Show Notes

Intro: Drown Radio – “A Brave New What?
Drown Radio is Doctor Popular. Doc Pop is master of the yo-yo. Ergo, Drown Radio is master of the yo-yo. That’s logic.

Z’s 1st interlude: “Nerd appeal”
I like the phrase “nerd appeal” it feels good when you say it. Just like “taint” or “snuffleupagus.” Words are neat.

Track 1:
Lords of the Rhyme – “Lords of the Rhyme (Sauron’s Flying V Mix)
Did Sucklord do this remix? I wonder…

Track 2: The Four Eyes – “Rivendell
I found The Four Eyes while looking for tracks for another show. This song just went too well with the previous LOTR number.

Track 3: DJ Tripp – “Standunbelievable
I got this track courtesy of the Mash-up of the Week Podcast. Oddly enough, I’ve never actually listened to said podcast; I just check the site for mash-up links.

Track 4: Schäffer the Dark Lord –“Attack of the Clonefucker
“It’ll be like humping a mirror.” This song reminds me a bit of Tenacious D, particularly with regard to the ridiculously in-depth descriptions of events and ideas in verse and the sometimes rushed/sometimes stilted vocal delivery. I doubt it’ll have the same mass appeal, but I dig it.

Z’s 2nd interlude: “Notoriously hard to offend”
Or at least notoriously hard to offend via profanity and sexual innuendo. Say you like Star Trek more than Star Wars and cats’ll flip! ;)

Track 5: Camper Van Beethoven – “Take the Skinheads Bowling (Live)”
I think the word I was struggling for here was “eclectic.” You can download the entire show (Camper Van Beethoven Live at The Catalyst on 1987-06-06) if you feel so inclined. CVB are another band that I would consider classic nerd rock because of their experimental and absurdist tendencies.

Track 6: Delia Derbyshire – “Doctor Who Theme”
The Doctor Who theme is not only significant in the confines of geek music for it’s attachment to the seminal Brit sci-fi epic, but also because of its significance as a groundbreaking piece of electronic music.

Track 7: Moondabor – “Yellow”
I know very little about Moondabor as an artist. I first heard this track on the very excellent Radio Clash podcast. A Coldplay cover without all the artsy pretension? Indeed.

Track 8: Nintendude – “Colonel Mustache
8 and 16-bit music has a genuine appeal to me, so I really like finding artists still making these kinds of dynamic chiptunes.

Track 9: Optimus Rhyme – “Train in Vain”
Does anyone have that cut of Optimus Rhyme performing “Guns of Brixton?” It was posted to their MySpace a few weeks back. My copy has inexplicably vanished and it seems to have recently been bumped from their download list. :(

Track 10: mc chris -- “Blastic”
The worthiness of “Dungeon Master of Ceremonies” is all up to individual interpretation. Personally, I thought there were some solid tracks, but the skits left me cold. I’ve always found mc’s albums to be a mixed bag – some definite highpoints coupled with some drastic lows – but if you like chris and think it might be your thing I encourage you to pick it up. This track makes a Ben Sherman reference, so that earns him some points from me due to my mod tendencies.

Z’s final interlude: “Rooted firmly in Germanic paganism”
I wonder how long it will take for y’all to get sick of the “nerd news, exclusive interviews, and [silly non sequitur]” thing.

Track 11: Baddd Spellah feat. MC Frontalot – “Rhyme of the Nibelung
I won’t go into excruciating detail about this particular song, seeing as how I’ve posted so much about it already, but I will remind you to vote (every 12 hours until the 14th).

Bonus: Elmer Fudd – “Spear and Magic Helmet”
Needless to say, this was my first introduction to the works of Wagner.

And those are the notes for the show that was. Thanks for listening, and feel free to hit me up with your questions and comments. And don’t forget to vote for Spellah!


kr starr said...

we can save the world with our type of music

Doc Pop said...

Thanks for the uber kind words Z!

Z. said...

I only said 'em 'cause they were true! :) Thanks for listening, Doc.