Wednesday, September 06, 2006

More nerd news in brief

It’s been a big week for nerd music, and nerdcore in particular. Don’t believe me? Well read on, ye of little faith:

  • Nerdcore is blowing up in Europe. If, that is, you define “blowing up” in the loosest of possible terms.
  • mc chris’s new album Dungeon Master of Ceremonies is currently in the top twenty on iTunes hip-hop and also in the top 100 albums overall. He is, at present, attempting to mobilize the troops so as to bust into the iTunes hip-hop top 10, so check out the new album if the urge strikes.
  • Optimus Rhyme is co-headlining a mini-tour with MC Frontalot in late October. Front sez: Sat the 21st is confirmed for NYC. We're trying to put Boston together that Friday, then DC and Philly afterwards. Do you have a reliable lead on an excellent venue? (Suggestions are great, but if you or a close contact actually books a space -- that's the kind of leads we need.) Time is short and self-booking is a pain in the bottom, so any help is appreciated. We need: anywhere with a great sound system, lights, and a stage. Our ideal schedule is 10/20 Boston, 10/22 DC, 10/23 Philly. We're expecting to draw 200 or so in each of these towns.
  • In other Front-a-licious news, the man who’s been rocking our collective ass for the breadth of the new millennium now has his nerdcore sights set on a much smaller collection of derrieres. Frontalot lends his considerable vocal talents to the recently released Elmo's Potty Time DVD. For those of us who have always wanted to hear a 1.5-minute rap about a toilet paper factory, this is an opportunity not to be missed!
  • Let me reiterate that Canadian wunderkind Baddd Spellah (aka David T. Chong) has made it to the final round of a remix contest put together by the CBC. His track "Rhyme of the Nibelung," produced with a little help from a certain gentleman (last name: Frontalot, first name: MC), can be both listened to and voted for right here. It’s important to vote for Spellah’s cut not only because it is the most interesting, most original, most entertaining, bestest track presented, but also because I’m fairly certain this is how Canada chooses it’s prime minister/president/grand poobah/whatever-the-hell-they-call-it. The future of the Great White North depends on you!
  • And lastly, behold the glory that is the Nerdcore News PAX edition:


BS said...

More newz:

Tune into "Westcoast Performances" on CBC Radio 2 on Sunday Sept. 10th at around 12:55 and listen to the mellifluous voice of host Michael Juk talk about the contest, talk about me and also play that damned remix! Available via streaming audio for non-Canadians, eh.

Z. said...

I was under the impression that CBC Radio only played “Fly By Night”-era Rush. I stand corrected! ;)