Friday, September 15, 2006

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 7: George Bush Doesn’t Care About Black Mages

Early this morning, my in-laws swept in and whisked away my son. It made me a very sad panda. I’d planned to spend the day with him, you know? We were gonna chill. Watch some Dora the Explorer. Maybe dance around in our pajamas. Kick it. But now I’m all alone. The wife’s at work and the child’s barreling down the highway with his grandfolks. The world is a cold, cold place.
But, fuck it! At least I can slap together a podcast. I even had a little time to consider/monkey with the levels. Maybe the sound is a little more consistent this time around. Or perhaps it still sucks. You be the judge.
And now that I’m done podcasting about video games, I’m going to go play some video games. I am a simple creature.

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 7: George Bush Doesn’t Care About Black Mages Show Notes

Intro: MC Hawking – “Quakemaster”
I’ll tell you the truth: the way the Hawkman says “asshole” scares me a little bit. It’s like he talking just to you!
Z’s 1st interlude: “A quasi-regular listener”
None of my listeners are regular. I have it on good authority that you’re all, in fact, quite constipated.
Track 1: The Black Mages – “Battle Theme (Final Fantasy VI)”
I have no idea who came up with the “George Bush doesn’t care about Black Mages” thing, but it is high-fuggin’-larious!
Track 2: Benjamin Bear – “Skit”
Ben is a listener of the podcast and a big supporter of the blog. He was even nice enough to hook Hipster, please! up with its own t-shirt. He’s a good fellow.
Track 3: Futuristic Sex Robotz – “WoW”
It is imperative that I never start playing World of Warcraft. I spend enough time on this damn PC as it is. You can download the entire FRS Hot Coral Essex album in one fell swoop.
Track 4: Stemage – “Ridley’s Theme
I still can’t believe that all this rock comes out of one guy. He is like a spigot through which the very essence of the Gamer Godz flows.
Part ReMix, part nerdcore, part exercise in smooth funk: this track has it all.
Z’s 2nd interlude: “Share with the rest of the class”
As much nerd music as I find in an average week, it never ceases to amaze me the shit that I totally overlook. That’s why I appreciate y’all turning me on to new stuff that you like.
Track 6: MC Wreckshin – “Kung Fu is my Mom
I failed to mention that Wreckshin and company will be performing in Tampa. I guess I just assumed you’d simply comb every club in Florida until you found the right one.
I pronounce it Say-gah. Router says Seh-gah. My guess is that her pronunciation is correct. I live in a place where words like nekkid and purdy are commonplace. South Carolina hates the English language.
Track 8: The Freelance Hairdresser – “One Minute MarioLand”
Another track that I found through Radio Clash. Have I mentioned you should listen to it? Just checking.
Track 9: Anti-social – “Super Show”
In truth, I am already hooked on the brothers. I can only hope there’s a Twelve-step for such a dependency.
Track 10: Nintendopella – “Super Mario 2
It is wrong that I can’t get enough Nintendopella? God, I hope not.
Z’s final interlude: “Goddamnit I hope I didn’t forget anybody!”
I didn’t. Hurray for me!
Track 11: YTCracker – “NES
Nerdrap Entertainment System is an album that garners perpetual props, as well it should. It is a perfect blend of contemporary nerdcore hip-hop and classic 8-bit samples. Please tell me this is already in your collection!
Thanks so much for listening. When I set about putting this episode together, I was astonished by how much game-related music I had to choose from. I tried to mix in some popular favorites with some more obscure or more unusual tracks. I hope you heard some stuff you new and some other stuff you didn’t. And I hope you enjoyed it. Now I’m off to load up the Scion. Y’all wish me well!


benjamin bear said...

i made the podcast! woo! :) this episode was great, btw.

Z. said...

Thanks, Ben. I mention a lot that I’m no fan of skits, but there are the occasional little send-ups that I dig. Thanks for listening.

buttnik said...

I heart your podcast!!

Z. said...

And I <3 your blog, Miss Nik! :)