Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Nerd news in brief

While I was enjoying the cheesy tourist traps of the South Carolina coast, nerd news was happening. For whatever reason, the world refused to stop during my brief hiatus. What’s a boy to do? My answer: nerd news in brief.
  • Rhyme Torrents Vol. 5 is currently available for download. It’s chock-full of nerdy goodness including (but certainly not limited to) new joints by Drown Radio, Metamystiks, Inc., and Jesse Dangerously. Download it. You know you want to.
  • Not content with a single free album this week? How about another, compliments of Ultraklystron? Karl’s Drum and Bass album Haven (rumored to be his last DnB work) has been remastered, reworked, and placed on a shelf just within your reach. But wait, there’s more! Act now and also receive Mr. Olson’s Ambient album Fun Confusion – Solace. Both are offered free of charge, you cheap, cheap bastards!
  • Audio of Baddd Spellah’s CBC victory interview has made its way to teh interwebz. You can listen if you like. Apparently they speak American up there. Who knew?
  • Last Saturday’s Emergency Pizza Party gig brought down the (coffee) house. Though tips were forgotten and CDs misplaced, EPP reminded everyone that there ain’t no party like an East Coast, as an East Coast party will generally refrain from confining itself to an appropriate timeframe. Congrats to the crew, and thanks for showing a little on-stage love for Hipster, please! A little bird has let slip to me that audio for the entire show will be made available soon. Excited? You should be.
  • Lastly, let me remind you of this week’s nerdcore gig du Jour: This Thursday, Shael Riley will rock the house at Fat Baby in NYC. If the house is sufficiently rocked, Shael will then move on to bigger and better houses. Be sure to do your part to make this a reality.


red cat said...

hey, did nobody like or notice my ambient album? it was in the same thread. :P

oh well.

Z. said...

Sorry ‘bout that, Ben. I made a note to myself earlier in the week as a reminder to mention Karl’s stuff, and (even though I downloaded and enjoyed indicashadow) I never updated said Post-it. Ergo, when I made the post I simply copied the info and neglected to mention your release. I’ll include it with my next news post.