Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Nerd news in brief

I have much to talk about – miles to go before I sleep – and not a lot of time to talk about it. Henceforth, nerd news in brief:
  • Anime enthusiast, nerdcore MC, and all-around nice guy Mr. Karl Olson has posted a few more pics from the post-PAX nerdcore gig in Kirkland. Such pictures, I am told, are worth words. Several of them.
  • Tomorrow is the day when we will find if who won the CBC’s “Remix the Ring” contest. If there is any justice in the world, Baddd Spellah will walk away with the cash prize of $1000 Canadian. That’s gotta be what? Thirty-five? Forty dollars in real money?
  • There are no fewer than 8 versions of Front’s Braggadocio vying for the title of most undeniably awesome over at Your opinion counts!
  • Game rock gods The Advantage have a veritable shit-ton of gigs lined up this week/weekend in the state called CA: Wed 09/13 San Diego CA @ Casbah, Thu 09/14 Los Angels CA @ Echo, Sat 09/16 San Jose CA @ Nickel City Arcade, Sun 09/17 San Francisco CA @ Bottom of the Hill
  • Speaking of live nerdy-type music, don’t forget the EPP show this weekend and the Shael Riley gig next Thursday. They need your support.
  • Something Awful takes a dump on nerdcore in their Your Band Sucks Aptitude Test. Of course, they also slam Dream Theatre, so, y’know, you gotta take the bad with the good.
  • And lastly, of no particular import to anyone except, well, me: upstate SC has an independent video game retailer. Oh joy! Oh rapture!

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