Monday, July 31, 2006

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 2: Rural Hadouken

I took the title of this episode from a phrase Paige used in last week’s edition of Just Another Lazy Podcast. The entire crew was expressing disbelief at my southern accent, and it was just too funny not to snake. What can I say? I am a country gentleman, born and raised. That’s not exactly the type of cat you’d expect to blog about nerd music, but life’s funny like that.
On the WWW it’s easy to just assume that everyone you encounter is pretty much just like you. I, for example, often imagine that all half-dozen of you are tiny, dark-haired dudes dressed in skinny ties and cheap Steve Madden knock-offs, even though I realize this to be patently untrue. The digital world is fairly subjective, so I imagine it’s a good thing to throw a little harsh reality in now and again.
Speaking of which, here comes another dose.

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RFH Ep. 2: Rural Hadouken
Intro: John Denver -- Thank God I’m a Country Boy (Party Ben’s City Boy Mix) Z’s AM Radio edit
I hate this goddamn song. Seriously, it’s just not a very good song. Not to piss on John Denver or nothing. I mean he was down with Jimmy Carter. Party Ben made a pretty serviceable dance track out of it, so big up to Ben. You’d be hard-pressed to call this song “geek,” but it is dorky as hell. That’s gotta count for something.
Z’s 1st Interlude: “Sorry to startle you”
I realized upon listening to this interlude that I seemed to have subconsciously played up my accent here at the beginning. I doubt y’all’ll notice. I’d imagine that, to most of you, I already sound like Jeff goddamn Foxworthy.
Track 1: 50 Pence -- In da Pub
This is a track that folks either love or hate. Personally, I can’t get enough of it. 50 Pence is, in actuality, a UK producer named Liam Don. You can get more tracks here.
Track 2: Silence Xperiment (AKA Q-Unit) - We will Rock You in da Club
The Jay-Zeezer track went over really well last ep, so I figured I’d try again. If you haven’t downloaded the entire Q-Unit: Greatest Hits album yet, you really need to. It’s free.
Track 3 MC Router, funky49, & Redvoid -- 8BITch
It appears as though I wrongfully attributed this track to 1GB in the actual podcast (even though the lyrics plainly state that it’s MC Router and funky49). :( What can I say? A couple of glasses of wine with lunch and I’m pretty much useless. Apologies to Router and to funk and ‘Void for the mistake. No disrespect intended. This track was on the playlist for the first ep, but I pulled it fearing that Beefy would feature it in his podcast that week. I was wrong. Ain’t I a ‘tard? Oh, and Router’s “power button?” It’s on her thumb. Trust me.
Track 4: The Emotron – 80s Nightmare
I’m not sure if this is total dork rock or weird-assed performance art, but it followed the last track nicely. Emotron was on the Frontalot bill when Front came to SC back in May. My friend Neil, a singer-songwriter and real tour-horse in his own right, warned me that the thing that he remembered about seeing Emotron live was that the cat ended his set by catching his wang on fire. He wasn’t joking. This and other Emotron tracks can be found on MySpace.
Z’s 2nd Interlude: “Nerdcore vs. geeksta”
No one really seems to know what exactly constitutes “geeksta rap,” but I guess I attach this label to geeked out rhymes that seem to specifically mock or explicitly parallel the gangsta rap style. This is the segment where I misrepresent 8BITch and look like a douche. Once again: apologies to Router and funky49/Redvoid. The High-C track that follows was the first song I found in my collection with the word “penis” in it. It’s also one of my fave tracks from Rhyme Torrents Vol. IV.
Track 5: High-C – Flame Extension
High-C is better known as “that guy who put the Rhyme Torrents thing together.” It was an ambitious project, but he managed to pull it off with support from the bulk of the community. He’s got a really non-traditional flow, even for a nerdcore MC, and I dig it. Does he sound like a young Jack Nicholson to anyone else but me?
The second part of the aforementioned High-C track uses a sample from Soundgarden’s cover of the Devo tune Girl U Want, and I really wanted to follow it up with the original cut. Suffice it to say, I couldn’t find it. Instead I tracked down this spiffy remix. I don’t know anything about DJ Tonyy aside from the fact that he’s Brazilian and he’s a DJ.
Track 7: 14 Year Old Girls – Animal Forest
A great band with a horrible name, 14 Year Old Girls plays “Nintendo Punk.” This particular song is about the most addictive game ever devised. (I’m sure that statement won’t spur any death threats from Everquest and WOW fans.) This is another act I really need to try to interview. They seem fun.
Track 8: The Protomen – Unrest in the House of Light
I guess I’d say that The Protomen are best described as a Mega Man-centered prog-rock-opera. Of course, that’s just an approximation. Before you dismiss them as “gimmick” you should really take a listen. I have a strong feeling that their live show is killer. I like the Country/Western feel of this track. Sometimes I gotsta keeps it rural!
Z’s Final Interlude: “EGM article”
That Electronic Gaming Monthly article was a pleasant surprise. That mag has never been one of my favorite gaming publications, but I scored a free subscription from somewhere, so I probably shouldn’t bitch. There are several notable acts I would’ve liked to have seen here, but, as my writing is largely relegated to this blog, the reasoning of legitimate journalists escapes me.
Track 9: Futuristic Sex Robotz -- Snakes on a Plane
This should have been the theme song for what will surely be the goofiest goddamn film of the year, but, alas, Hollywood dropped the ball. If you dig this track (and I know you do) FSR have an entire album worth of material for free download over at their site. Show them love.

And that concludes the show notes for the venerable episode 2. I tried to resist the urge to group the songs into subsets of two, but I slipped a couple of times. Please forgive my rampant cheesiness in that regard.
Comments are welcome and encouraged. You can hit me up here, in public like, via the comment link. You can also post your input to the Rhyme Torrents BBS thread that will most assuredly spring up shortly after this is posted. And you ultra-shy violets can even email me privately. Just be sure to let me know your listening one way or another.


Doc Pop said...

I like the accent.

I'm southern born and raised, but for some reason have a Mr. Rogers accent instead of a southern one. But that accent is what I'm used to hearing growing up.

What part of the south you from anyways Z?

Z. said...

I am from South Carolina. The same state that gave us Vanna White, Strom Thurmond, Hootie and the Blowfish, and um… wow… that’s a… that’s a really sad list. Oh yeah: Eartha Kitt and Dizzy Gillespie! I’m from the same state as Eartha and Dizzy. Just… um… just forget those first three. ;)

Anonymous said...

With the two largest contingents of nerdcore hip-hop being diametrically opposed in Florida and Washington state, I can envision the country being divided, ala Heinlein and Philip K. Dick, in some bleak future culture clash, diagonally. Except much sillier. Probably lots of funny hats and plastic weapons.

What a pleasant surprise, making it onto your podcast, Z. Thanks! And such a foul-mouthed song, at that. ; ) It's Sade and Soundgarden, as you said, with some scratches at the beginning from a kid's toy. I actually did that and 'When In Rome' one glorious weekend when my DJ was in Poland for the summer. It really shows how nerdcore I am..and am not. It's not easy having a split personality.

Doc, I knew you "rocketed from the south", but I never got to ask what you meant by that before. Thanks for explaining. You have such a cool S.F. sensibility that I never took that line literally. On a somewhat unreleated note, you have a great singing voice. "Robot Friend" kicks all ass.


Beefy said...

Hey, SC also gave us my personal lord and savior Stephen Colbert!

Z. said...

I think we all grok what you’re saying about the diametrically divided (geographically speaking, at least) nature of nerdcore, High-C. ;)

And that’s right, Beefy! Colbert is from Charleston. I didn’t even think to mention him. Shame on me.

The Dragon of Super said...

In the "bad list" of things South Carolina has given us along with Hootie and Strom Thurmond, please add Parris Island, the hottest, most miserable shithole on earth. The government DOES have weather control technology and Parris Island is the proof.

Wow, the John Denver remix was actually on point. The strings at the end were hotness.

Big ups to High C, and the British dude...I was lovin' the 50 parody.

Z. said...

Yes, Dragon, Parris Island is hell on earth. Charleston, likewise, smells like Old Scratch’s own putrid taintmeats.

Party Ben, who did that Denver mix, does good work. Check out the rest of his library. He's got tons of free shit on his site.

Glad to hear folks dug 50 Pence. Like I said, most either love him or can’t stand him!

steve said...

With the two largest contingents of nerdcore hip-hop being diametrically opposed in Florida and Washington state

diametrically opposed or diametrically ALIGNED? :)


steve said...

oh yeah, 50p rocks, just as entertaining as 50cent

Z. said...

Glad ya dug it, funk!