Monday, July 31, 2006

Objets d'art

Sweater!!!”Beefy was kind enough to immortalize my fulgy mug via his artistic prowess.

The first is a vector render of me in a jaunty olive sweater. This piece -- though drastically resized, cunningly cropped, and with a slight color alteration – will serve as my new profile pic, replacing Jorge the Ceramic Burro. For those of you concerned with the wellbeing of Jorge, let me assure you that he has retired to a posh seaside resort just outside Santiago.

I am teh cartoonz!!1!11”

The second image is a sketch in the traditional Beefy style. While Beef refers to them as doodles, I prefer to think of it as being Beefy-ized. Although, now that I see the phrase, it does appear unsettlingly homoerotic.

Much thanks to Beefy for his contributions. May the hair on his toes never fall off!

(What the hell is up with me and all the Hobbit quotes lately?)


Beefy said...

Woo! My doodles are on the internets!

Z. said...

Yup, and featured on a second-rate blog at that. You’re gonna be famous! ;)