Monday, November 26, 2012

The Rappin' Steve Jobs

This morning it is my privilege to share with you the first single from Adam WarRock's forthcoming EP City Beautiful. The project itself won't drop until December 4th, but Euge chose to leak the track "Get Smart" today as sort of an early treat for fans. And also I reckon to give you a break from all that intensive Cyber Monday shoppin'. 

It's a phenomenal selection featuring frequent musical allies Jesse Dangerously and Beefy, and the stellar production comes compliments of Rob Viktum. Oh, and the ongoing lyrical allegory concerning the dumbing down of our music and culture? That shit is straight Don Adams.

So put your shoe-phone on silent, and check out the new hotness.

From the forthcoming EP, City Beautiful. December 4, 2012 - available digitally at
After touring consistently for the past two years, Adam WarRock has returned home to Memphis, TN and recorded a new 8-track EP with Dallas-based producer/DJ Rob Viktum (Definitive Jux, Rhymesayers). A more pensive, introspective and nostalgic album beautifully complemented by Rob Viktum's soulful style, it celebrates a break from the road, a look towards the future, and loving the city you call home.


Jimi said...


Great song for all three of them, but got me especially excited for Beefy's next album.

Z. said...

Agreed, Jimi, solid work all around. And I too am super excited about incoming Beefyness.