Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Like a Lever Flips

There have been a few genuinely triumphant—I'd go so far as to say defining—moments in nerd music over the past several years. From the well documented tentative steps of MC Frontalot's first tour to Capcom's licensing of Mega Ran to I Fight Dragons getting picked up by (and just recently released from) Atlantic Records, we've been on the front row as our guys have made a real splash on the national stage. You can talk about geek chic as a trend or nerd culture as a bonafide zeitgeist or even just chalk all these events up to happenstance, but I instead prefer to think of them as fitting rewards for the righteous, as talented people getting the breaks they deserve.

And the time has come to add another name to the list.

As was revealed yesterday, Kirby Krackle has secured a slot opening for patron saint of musical nerdery Weird Al in Alberta. Details are scarce at the moment, with Al's site only listing a handful of dates, but it’s a full-on, full band arena gig with a huge name, and I couldn't be prouder of or happier for Kyle and Jim and the whole crew!

So why not take a moment to enjoy KK's latest single, "One More Episode," and its amazing video? Then take another to say congrats to Seattle's foremost force in geek rock.


Jimi said...

That's so cool! And I think I saw on Twitter that they're doing some sort of holidays-based song with the Doubleclicks, which is also exciting news!

Z. said...

Yeah, I am crazy over-the-moon about that collab!