Thursday, October 11, 2012

Never Fear, Have a Beer

Depending on the granularity of your individual pop culture intake – not to mention your satellite/cable provider – you may or may not be aware of FX's fantasy football-centered sitcom The League. Yes, I know you don't much care for the sportsballs, but bear with me.

Two of my favorite people on these here internets, graphic arts god Rusty Shackles and nerdcore heavyweight Beefy, have just released a freebie EP based on their shared love for the series. It celebrates the sights, sounds and smells of a show that's forth season just so happens to premiere tonight.

But in the meantime get day drunk and snag a copy of Bowling For Shiva: A Tribute To The League.


Unknown said...

thanks z!

Dave White said...

Since I'm pretty sure you'll be playing a cut from the on an upcoming podcast, let me be the first to request that cut be "Taco Corp."

Z. said...

No problem, Rusty!

Noted, Dave. :)