Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Time Bandits

I've been looking forward to Wordburglar's 3rdburglar for as long as he's been talking about the project, and at last the album itself is close at hand. Earlier today Burg released the first single, "Rhyme O'Clock," an amazing cut featuring fellow Canadian hip-hoppers More or Les, Fresh Kils and Uncle Fes.

There's also a video featuring ED-209, the Millennium Falcon and Granpa Funnybook. Just in case there wasn't enough awesome shit going on with this track to begin with.

Look for the full release of 3rdburglar come May 15th, with dual release parties in Halifax on April 27 and Toronto on May 11.


Jimi said...

This looks like, more or les, the greatest thing ever!

(See what I did? ;))

Z. said...

Oh, Jimi, your clever comments never cease to satisfy. :)