Monday, April 02, 2012

Straight Out of Ponyville

This year I elected not to do my regular April Fools' Day podswap. Truth be told I'm thinking of skipping Drunken Podcasting Month as well. (It appears as though one of the hazards of a long running project like Radio Free Hipster is that your recurring bits wear a little thin over time.)

Still, I did keep an eye on everyone else's gags. Google and ThinkGeek once again managed to brings the LULz, and things on the musical end faired just as well thanks to the hard work of cats like an oddly country-fried Klopfenpop. But likely my favorite example of yesterday's lyrical shenanigans came compliments of mc chris.

"Discord," mc's latest, actually rivals 2010's epic AFD track "Twin Peaks" as an example of both pure novelty and innovative musicality. This time around he put his own spin on the brony phenomenon, but also managed to inject a little social commentary in there with the humor.


Church said...

The bronies are going to town on this. The song's only been up a day, and that's like the third video I've seen of it.

Jimi said...

Instead of drunken podcasting month, you could mix things up by becoming a supervillain and documenting through the power of the pod your attempts to kill Superman?

I think this makes a good super-origins story for the modern age, too: someone recommended it in a comment on your blog.

Z. said...

Who knew there was this much bleed-over between bronies and mc chris fans, Church?! :P

I am intrigued by your idea, Jimi, and wish to subscribe to your newsletter. ;)