Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rather Be Your Iron Man

Not to be outdone by MC Frontalot's recent puppet-related shenanigans, my southern brothers Sci-Fried have just unveiled their own felt-heavy music video. It's for their new single "Tech Support," a song that (if pressed) I would call my very favorite from their 2011 release Future Tense.

Further, the vid itself is a healthy slice of ska-tinged geek rock at its finest that also happens to look like an unceremonious melding of Office Space and Sesame Street!

Also, I gotta say puppet Sunni is spot-the-fuck-on! Uncanny even!


Drvern said...

Puppet Sunni Slays ME! Re-Watch and just look at Sunni..He's totally Thrashing!

Z. said...

For real, Vern! If y'all ever lose Sunni to an ill-timed alien abduction you already have a suitable replacement. ;)