Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hermione Everdeen

Considering the dogged persistence of the Wizard Rock community—stalwart defenders of the Wizarding World Harry and the Potters, for example, kick off a new tour next week—and the growing Rockingjay music movement, I thought that this item might be relevant to your collective interests. It's a new mash-up tee from our friends at the International Quidditch Association that combines these two incredibly popular and uniquely nerd-friendly series into a single clever package.

Behold the District 9 3/4 shirt. (I can only imagine their chief industry in broomstick and Time-Turner manufacture.) It was designed by the IQA’s very own Melissa DeVarney and Allyson Burton, and is available now for $19.99.

All the profits benefit the International Quidditch Association's twin missions of physical activity and social awareness, which is pretty damn cool in and of itself. Plus, if you order by at 7:00 AM Eastern tomorrow, Friday, March 16th, you'll get yours in time to sport it at next week's Hunger Games movie premiere. Use it as a divining rod to root out potential row-mates. If they get the joke, they are your kinda people!


Klopfenpop said...

Thanks for the awesome words, you had me rollin'! The rock set on this ep was fucking great, too!

Z. said...

My pleasure, Klopf!