Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Information Wants to Be Free

I'm not participating in today's internet blackout because I think anyone with half a brain already understands that what I do here – at a site that promotes acts who sample, remix and, in many cases, pay lyrical tribute to existing songs or properties without permission of the original copyright holders – can't be done in an overly regulated internet. If you dig my blog or podcast, if you love mixtapes or mash-ups or crazy cover songs (AKA: transformative works), then know that legislation like SOPA and PIPA very certainly affects you.

Pirates won't be stopped by content filtering and targeted prosecution, but artists will.

For more insight I'll now turn the floor over to Adam WarRock. When a former lawyer calls something out for "vague legal language, that’s unconstitutional / False pretense of purpose, that’s barely any solution," you know you can't take that shit lightly.

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