Friday, January 20, 2012

The Humble Hip-Hop Bundle

Bad-ass flyer by @rusty_shackles
Apparently February is the hot new month in which to tour. I mean, all the cool kids are doing it!

I've already mentioned that next month my boys Adam WarRock and Kirby Krackle will be travelling the west coast, but it's recently been revealed that my other boys Jesse Dangerously and Mikal kHill will be doing the same on this end of the country. Kicking off in Columbia, SC on the 3rd and concluding on the 11th in Worcester, MA, the Humbled to Dust Tour promises to shake the eastern seaboard to its hip-hop core.

Along the way they're also hitting Orlando, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Brooklyn, so expect to see some amazing local talent (not the least of which is the delightful infernal Schaffer the Darklord) showcased as well.

Oh, and as I'll likely miss the Charlotte show – for reasons I'll go into at a later date – y'all be sure to make some extra noise on my behalf for MC Stealth. She's one of our precious few regional lady-rappers, so treat her nice. Which mostly means make the aforementioned noise!


Thormeister said...

Woo Hoo! Columbia gets another good one!

Christopher Sutton said...

Touring aside; there should be a humble hip-hop bundle. What would be in that?

Z. said...

Tis true, Thor. Not sure I can make the drive, but I'd love to hit that one up!

Good question, Chris. I think the latest Backburner would be a nice start. :)

Jesse Dangerously said...

Z, we have a show now in Chapel Hill/Durham! You should drag your surgeried face to it!!

Chris, I have a cousin named Christopher Sutton... but he's Deaf, so I think he's a different person from you.

Z. said...

I was actually gonna try and sneak down to Cola for the opening show, Jesse, but my son's birthday party is the same day!