Friday, September 23, 2011

I Hope Ya Don't Mind

It's Friday, which means that – and this is highly dependent upon whom you ask – I am either in love or presently kickin' in the front seat. For the record, both of these are true. So, y'know, either answer would be correct.

No pressure.

Personally, I'm rather hoping for a low-impact weekend. A cursory look at my to-do list reminds me that I have a haircut scheduled and that I need to wrap up my review of Adam and kHill's Browncoats Mixtape, neither of which is a particularly unpleasant tasks. I also have a terse reminder to "buy booze" taped to my monitor, which can only mean that this weekend will also see me taking part in some drunken podcasting. Which, as you know, is always a good time.

This is all to say that I hope you have a pleasant weekend. And to help you kick that shit off, here are some Fraggles. Also some DJ Kool.

Tip o' the hat to @cdharrison for this one!

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